Sneak Peek – Gentex Special Operations Tactical Respirator

This photo taken at Stittsville Shooting Range during some range time with Millbrook Tactical, was recently released by Gentex. You’ll recognize the FAST Carbon Helmet and RAC headset, but you may not have seen the SOTR. I first saw it at Warrior West and I was very impressed. Since then, it’s only gotten better.

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7 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Gentex Special Operations Tactical Respirator”

  1. NinjaMedic says:

    So is this a half face particulate respirator or a full face CBRNE mask?

  2. Joe momma says:

    I just want a RAC ?

    • drtywk says:

      Why? What is the RAC going to give you that a Peltor system won’t, other than it is an OEM solution and costs more?

      • FTrain says:

        RAC mounts to rear rail leaving top rail for other accy.
        Better hear-through. Frequency response is greater and also has a acoustic cavity to provide better directionality.
        Better Noise cancelation on boom mic.
        RAC is 3 meter emersion. Water does not go inside the earcup.
        Vent mod for earcup
        Double hearing protect with NRR of 32.