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Beyond – A6 Stretch Rain Jacket

I’ve seen early versions of the new A6 Stretch Rain Jacket from Beyond. The jacket incorporates panels made from what WL Gore called Topo stretch waterproof breathable fabric but niw its marketed as GORE-TEX® Flexible Fit Fabric®. They’ve combined it with a Lightweight, 3-Layer GORE-TEX® Waterproof Laminate for a very lightweight, high performance jacket. One of the advanatges to the Flexible Fit Fabric® is that they can offer a slimmer cut garment which will move with you and expand as you add underlayers.

The A6 – Stretch Rain Jacket utilizes the latest in fabric technologies to offer unparalleled comfort in a fully waterproof jacket. Featuring panels made from the new GORE-TEX® 3-layer waterproof stretch fabric, the A6 – Stretch Rain Jacket works with the user by adding stretch to key areas such as shoulders, chest, and sides. This not only allows increased mobility, but also optimizes comfort by expanding to accommodate garments layered underneath the hardshell.

• Designed around a HALO jump profile
• Fully waterproof stretch panels throughout
• Full-featured hood accommodates a helmet and stows away securely in collar. Hood is equipped with a structured brim, dual face opening, and crown adjustments
• Bicep pockets with vertical zips
• Waterproof zippers throughout
• Zippered hand pockets
• Hook and loop wrist adjustment
• Drawcord around waist with adjustments concealed inside the hand pockets to reduce snagging

This will be a limited run of 500 and are available for purchase by contacting [email protected].


15 Responses to “Beyond – A6 Stretch Rain Jacket”

  1. Wade says:

    My problem with using stretch shells to facilitate smaller sizes and accommodate thicker insulation layers is that they compress the insulation. Compressing the insulation reduces dead air space which reduces thermal insulating capacity which defeats the very purpose of thicker mid layers. Tighter compressing stretch shells result in less efficient insulating layers meaning you are going to be cold. I think it is a fad, the Kuiu effect.

    • SSD says:

      Conversely, the closer the membrane is to you, the better it works.

      • Lasse says:

        Let’s not pretend that 3 layer membranes are even remotely effective in terms of moisture vapor transport.. 2 layer (including “2.5” (which is an abrasion resistant coating)) are way better if the performance is what you need- especially the new “reversed” membranes.

      • Phil says:

        That’s actually not correct. Let me find the source.

  2. USASOF says:

    Any other colors in the run?

    • SSD says:

      Right now it’s just Coyote. The material is very expensive to produce. Also, because of the stretch aspect, so far there are no prints.

  3. Hairy Larry says:

    Is it true Beyond is taking it in the rear from 5.11 now? wonder what their special operations users think about that

  4. Major_Northeast_City says:

    Just a note on my experience with Beyond’s customer service… absolutely stellar.

    I purchased an A3-Alpha Jacket TCS during their July 4th sale @ $115.00, a size LG which I usually take.
    When I received it the sleeves unfortunately came down to my fingernails, I returned it and asked to exchange it for a size Med. they said they were completely sold out of all sizes, but a week later a size Med. turned up and the sent it to me, but the sleeves came down to my middle knuckles.

    I really liked the jacket and didn’t really want just a refund, so I asked if their tailor would possibly be able to alter each sleeve by 2″, they said “no problem”… I sent it back and a week later received a perfect fitting jacket (thanks Jordan).

    • Fernando says:

      Jordan is the best, every time I walk into the store she takes care of whatever I need.

    • NWJeep says:

      This is exactly why they have been so successful. There are plenty of companies with well made gear but when you combine well made gear that’s made in the USA with top notch people creating and selling it, that’s a great company and one I don’t mind giving my hard earned money to.