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SilencerCo – One On One With Donald Trump, Jr

Joshua Waldron, SilencerCo’s CEO goes one-on-one with Donald Trump, Jr, son of the Republican Presidential Nominee.


6 Responses to “SilencerCo – One On One With Donald Trump, Jr”

  1. jellydonut says:

    Unfortunately it’s not him people can vote for, but instead his Constitution-shredding pa.

    • cimg says:

      at least he has a family member that understands 2A and the gun culture. No one could be worse than the democrat option.

      • Mick says:

        Really? Trump wants to shred 1st Amendment protections, has been open about it. The 1st and 2nd Amendments work in tandem; how long do you think one can stand without the other?

      • Douche Poser says:

        Not really. He’s his dad’s surrogate, his only purpose is to give some distance from daddy when he speaks.

        And his entire platform is telling what the majority of people he’s adressing want to hear. He’s talking to gun owners: he’ll sweet talk them. He’s talking to suburban moms: he’ll talk about restricting gun ownership.

  2. David Spicer says:

    SSD, Thank you for putting this out. it is good to see a member of the Trump family responding so well to shooting, and especially to shooting suppressors, something near and dear to my heart, I respect my neighbors and don’t disrupt them. Any way to those who stand against Trump, REALLY, is there another viable choice! Even if Hillary was supporter of the second amendment her track record of living our defenders un-supported and her continued support and desire to carry on the TRAITOR IN OFFICE’s policies is enough to get me to vote for Micky Mouse of her. My favorite thing about Trump is he is a slap in the face to all in Washington. I will admit that Trump was not my first choice but he was always in my top three.. Just keep in mend, WE WILL GET THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE, if you pout and refuse to vote because your guy is not in the running we are all going to be screwed. I have two boys in the military and I do not want that conniving lying bitch being their commander and chief. Think about it!!!!!