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Team Safariland Dominates at IPSC National Championship, IDPA National Championship and NRA World Shooting Championship

ONTARIO, Calif. – Safariland congratulates Team Safariland members Maggie Reese, Julie Golob, Robert Vogel and Rob Leatham for their triumphs at the 2016 IPSC Nationals held in Frostproof, Fla. from September 17-18. In addition to claiming a title at IPSC, Vogel dominated the day before at the 2016 IDPA National Championship hosted in Cresson, Texas between September 15-16. Simultaneously, Doug Koenig won top honors at the NRA World Shooting Championship in Glengary, W. Va, from September 15-17.

At IPSC, Reese and Golob claimed first and second place in the Ladies Classic Division, respectively. This marks the second consecutive year that Team Safariland held the top two positions in Ladies Classic. Last year, Golob captured first place for her inaugural IPSC Ladies National Title, while this year the teammates switched positions, with Reese securing her first IPSC National win. Both Reese and Golob hope to continue to represent with outstanding performances at the 2017 IPSC World Shoot.

“I trained intensively for this match knowing it would be challenging with paper and steel at distances over 20 yards, moving targets, strong-hand and weak-hand shooting, even prone positions,” said Reese. “Trusting Safariland to keep my guns and gear securely in place is a crucial factor in preparation and competition.”

Also at IPSC, Leatham secured wins as the National and High Senior champion in the Classic Division, a repeat of titles won at the 2014 IPSC World Shoot. “Part of why I can hold my own is my superior equipment,” said Leatham. “I have the absolute best of everything. Best guns, best ammo and the best holster equipment. So even though I may move slower than the kids, my drawing and reloading isn’t! My Safariland equipment always keeps me in the fight.”

Competing back-to-back at the IPSC and IDPA Nationals, Vogel was the victor in both as Standard Champion at ISPC and Stock Service Pistol Division Champion, and High Overall Champion at IDPA – his tenth year successively winning his division. At ISPC, he placed above 47 contenders with a perfect score. At IDPA, Vogel scored 202.5, ultimately defeating 337 competitors. With these wins, Vogel secured a spot on the U.S. National Team and will compete at the 2017 World Shoot in France next year.

“Two states in two days for two national championships tested my endurance,” shared Vogel. “It was an honor to win both matches in the same weekend.”

Koenig continued Team Safariland’s winning streak at the 2016 NRA World Shooting Championship/Open Professional Division. His first time competing at the two-year-old match, he placed first ahead of 200 contenders. The match consisted of 12 stages, representing all shooting disciplines, where Koenig triumphed with a perfect score of 3,000 points.
“This is one of the most demanding matches of my career,” said Koenig. “It was challenging to practice for all 12 events and I look forward to improving next year. I hold a great deal of respect for the other shooting disciplines represented in this Championship.”
Reese utilized her Safariland ELS system, 5197 holster, and 771 magazine pouch, all carried in her 4555 Shooter’s Range Bag. Golob competed using the same ELS belt system and mag pouch with her 5198 Holster. Leatham used his Safariland his ELS Competition Rig with a 5199 holster and 771 and 773 magazine pouches. Vogel competed with his 032 ELS Competition Belt, 773 magazine pouch, and 5198 Holster. Koenig used a 4555 Shooter’s Range Bag and Dual Rifle Bag.

Team Safariland members are an integral part of the company’s product development process by regularly testing Safariland materials and products to ensure its equipment meets the rigorous demands of its users. This collaboration supports the best performance possible for law enforcement and military in the field and Team Safariland at competitions.

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    Woman competive shooters are normalizing gun ownership and use for mainstream woman. Its a vital part of preserving the Second Ammendment for everyone