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Wild Things – Survivalist

Made from PU coated 70D Nylon, the Wild Things Survivalist is a multipurpose item. It can be used as a poncho, shelter, ground cloth, etc. Yep, it’s an old school design, but it works.

The Survivalist measures 56″ x 87″ with the same corner grommets and snaps you remember from the old GI Poncho.


17 Responses to “Wild Things – Survivalist”

  1. FJM says:

    Because sometimes all you need is a good piece of gear that you can rely on and use in different environments. Functionality at its best. Well done WT.

  2. Matt says:

    Now the question remains: This or the Hill people serape?

  3. EzGoingKev says:

    Just what I was waiting for, a $180 poncho to go with my $190 fleece.

  4. Blake B says:

    Why would anyone pay that much for a poncho? Ill just get a 20 dollar frogg togg one and be happy saving money.

    • PB says:

      Yeah that’s a bit rich, but it’s not about a poncho being a poncho. It can be a tarp, expedient shelter, it’s a shooting mat; I’ve seen then used in blinds and hides before. And you can use it as a poncho too! It’s one of those things that does too much to do without. Now you can get a good one in Multicam…if you choose.

    • Asinine Name says:

      Wilderness Innovations PSS does all this and a hammock/Yukon chair as well @ $99

  5. RJ says:

    “Sure wish it was made in the US”

    “Damn, can you make that cheaper?”

    “Sure wish it was made in the US…”

    • Will says:

      All they have to do is change their name to Arc’Teryx and then they can charge $500 for it, and make it in El Salvador.

      I got sucked in twice by the dead bird, and for the life of me can’t figure out why I spent so much.

      On a serious note, I think most of these US manufacturers need to re-work their pricing models. My suspicion is they are selling these at the traditional retail markup. Whereas if they sold them with a direct to consumer pricing model, they could sell them at a lower price, and make a good profit.

      • Luke says:

        Not that many are selling retail, WT and a lot of others already are direct to consumer.

        Just changing the pricing “model” without cutting a hundred other things (quality, jobs, overhead) isn’t going to magically keep making them money.

        If all these American companies where where just charging the inflated price people seem to imagine, there would be a lot more companies rushing to make an easy buck selling MISUA stuff…

    • bobX says:

      The o.p.s.e.c. is $76, made in the US, and multicam so I’m not sure why this is almost two bills. Not that I don’t also find the Snarfing about the cost of American made goods annoying.

      • Luke says:

        I would have to agree. Saw the price and assumed it was some fancy FR fabric or something….nope.

        Safe to assume OPSEC doesn’t have the overhead that WT does, but that is still a darn big difference.

  6. Judah says:

    Try making your own gear, with quality materials. Then you’ll start to see why things cost what they do. Especially keeping it in North America.

  7. Pete says:

    But here’s the real question – does it come with that wonderful Vietnam era smell from CIF?

  8. Major_Northeast_City says:

    I own a few ponchos, my hands down favorite is my 1968 Vietnam poncho with indispensable inner (front) drawstring waist which keeps the poncho against the body in wet high wind situations.