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Shield Sights Announces Full Production of RMS (Mini Reflex Sight)


Dorset, England – October 5th, 2016 – Shield Sights is pleased to announce the RMS (Reflex Mini Sight) has now entered full production and has begun shipping to customers around the world.


The Shield RMS is next evolution in mini red dots. Small enough to fit discreetly on any pistol, rifle, or shotgun. The RMS is tough enough to withstand the harshest recoil and light enough that you won’t even feel it’s there. Its light weight and rugged construction combined with its, low profile design makes the RMS an ideal optic for any custom pistol build. The RMS coupled with our matching low profile Glock MOS plate, the RMS sits low enough to co-witness your standard height sights without the need for elevated suppressor sights.


“The RMS is an update to a modern classic.” said James White. “For 20 years we have been building the world’s smallest mini red dot sights some of which you may know as the SMS, J-Point, Trijicon Red-dot, and others.”

-Machined from strong, aerospace grade aluminium
-Very fast automatic brightness adjustment to adapt to your environment
-Quick release side accessible battery drawer
-Very low profile



21 Responses to “Shield Sights Announces Full Production of RMS (Mini Reflex Sight)”

  1. Pat says:

    “The RMS is an update to a modern classic.” said James White. “For 20 years we have been building the world’s smallest mini red dot sights some of which you may know as the SMS, J-Point, Trijicon Red-dot, and others.”

    are they the OEM for the trijicon RMR???

    • CPTK says:

      Before the RMR, Trijicon sold a version of the JPoint under their name that was known as the Trijicon Red Dot.

  2. Chucker says:

    Wonder what the footprint is like. Will a slide cut for an RMR accept the Shield also?

    • Ivan says:

      If it is already cut, and it does fit… I wonder if it will actually sit too low.

      • TheTwelve says:

        Will not fit RMR cut slides. This sight has the same footprint as the jpoint. Shield is however working on an adapter plate for RMR cut slides.

  3. Arrow 4 says:

    Given the fact that FN, S&W, Glock, Sig and soon Springfield Armory all have milled slide RDS ready pistol, I am sure these guys are all over a design that is compatible across the board.

  4. PTMCCAIN says:

    How widely are these used in “real world” situations: law enforcement, military, etc. ?

    They are fun to use, but have RDS optics on handguns yet really been embraced by professionals?

    • Mike says:

      Substitute “carbine” for “pistol” and this is a time warp all over again.

      Many professionals are using them and their use is spreading. Just like those who swore that irons are the only way to go on a carbine/rifle and that red dots would never be accurate or catch on in any significant way, the future will show these dots aren’t going away.

      • NCO says:

        Totally true.

        I know a couple of serious guys using RDS on working pistols and I’m using an Shield Mini Sight on my Glock for 3 or 4 years now myself. This is an improvement, but it’s challenging to aquire the advantage, because you loose some performance first. When you start shooting red dots guess what… that is your first day with this setup while you’ve had how many years behind you with irons? I was skeptical too.

        It’s a question of time before some unit gets them issued officially. I’d look at The Units first.

        • Diddler says:

          Yeah, word-up. Lots of real deal actual use of these types of sights. Only a matter of time before they are on everything.

    • Kev says:

      Mike nailed it. All the pieces are starting to come together as we speak to see wider adoption. The optics are about there and while a milled slide is still the preferred option, the Glock MOS offers agencies that aren’t going to send a bunch of Glocks out for milling an option now. The range guy at my department has been running one for a while and we’re about to introduce a larger scale T&E. Department would offer the MOS, officer would fund the optic.

  5. Diddler says:

    Metal J-Point? Yes please! I own a Doctor, RMR06, and two J-Points: the J-Points have the best image.

    • PETE says:

      I tried the RMR and the blue screen tint just was a PITA that I eventually gave up. A better optic value and similar durability is sounding good

  6. Gilk10180 says:

    Is that a rear sight built into the base? That last picture makes it seem that it would cowitness stock sights? Negating a need to add suppressor height irons is a cost savings as well.

  7. Luke says:

    Man, form factor doesn’t get much better…if durability and battery life are there I’m sure this will do well.

  8. joe says:

    Please release a slightly narrower version for single stack carry pistols.

  9. Jon says:

    SSD- I didn’t see any on their webpage but are there US distributors? Also, does anyone have a review between the 4MOA and 8MOA for CCW pistol? I’m looking to upgrade a glock 19.

  10. Hmmmmm, had a surplus J-Point and really liked it until it stopped holding zero during a class after 400 rounds. JPoint refurbished it and I sold it.

    I do like the low profile. Running an RMR now and don’t like how my suppressor sights are barely visible through the glass. These might be too low though.

    The skelotonized sides are cool but might be a snagging hazard.

  11. t1tan says:

    *sigh* still waiting for Aimpoimt…