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NW Shooting Sports Expo becomes TRIGGRCON – Tactical Research Innovation Guns and Gear Review Convention

After the hugely successful inaugural year of the NWSSE with 4000 registered attendees and nearly 80 vendors, the most frequently asked question was about its future.

With all of the positive feedback we received during the show, we’re not at all surprised that all of the vendors we’ve contacted that were in attendance this year have already recommitted for 2017 such as; Mega Arms, Vortex Optics, Falkor Defense, Agency Arms, Battle Arms, Noveske to name a few. We will also be welcoming AXTS Weapons, Phase 5 and many new participating manufacturers for 2017.


We will be changing the name from NWSSE to TRIGGRCON (Tactical Research Innovation Guns and Gear Review Convention) to better reflect the atmosphere and purpose of the event. TRIGGRCON is an exclusive selection of the top, innovative small arms companies and auxiliary manufacturers showcasing their new products and accessories. Manufacturer selection will be by invitation only and limited to an intimate number not to exceed 150 companies. There will be a media range day for live fire demonstrations and show times that are reserved strictly for media. TRIGGRCON is also open to the general public during all other show times so enthusiasts can have direct access to the elite manufacturers that participate in the show.


For 2017 and its immediate future, the convention location will be in Tacoma Washington. However, we are exploring possibilities for other cities for possible expansion.


Key Points
New product showcase from the top innovative companies in the small arms space
Intimate exclusive list of manufactures by invitation only
Open to the public
Media events throughout the show

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4 Responses to “NW Shooting Sports Expo becomes TRIGGRCON – Tactical Research Innovation Guns and Gear Review Convention”

  1. Joe says:

    Hope they have alot of safe-space..

  2. Kris says:

    It was a great event, can’t wait to go next year.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    Sounds like a great event – and the new name is awesome!