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Infantry Weapons at the Zhuhai Airshow

Officially billed as the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, the Zhuhai Airshow began in 1996. These photos were sent to us by a reader and depict the Infantry Weapons display at this year’s exhibition.


20 Responses to “Infantry Weapons at the Zhuhai Airshow”

  1. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    Is that a G11?

    • Mike says:

      Wanna guess which guy didn’t click on the pics?

      • Stu says:

        Might not be, but at the same time Communists can’t help themselves when they copy western designs and technologies.

        Soviets did it, and now the ChiComs (Chinese Communists) are doing it. Surprise. Surprise.

        • John says:

          I’ll take a phase plasma rifle in the 40 watt range…

        • hernando says:

          Its payback for everyone copying Gunpowder from the Chinese.

          • John says:

            It’s a laser dazzling device, would be interesting to see what the legality of that thing is if turned on individual soldiers…

        • Jian Hong says:

          Ah yes the typical “China copies everything! America is original!” BS. China invented gunpowder and the very first firearms, without that we likely would be still be fighting with swords and arrows today. And that is a laser dazzling device, not a caseless assault rifle.

  2. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Chinese keymod… Looks legit…

  3. Agarie says:

    The NQF113 Anti-riot gun is a 40/37 mm grenade launcher?

  4. John says:

    It would be interesting to see if any of this is imported into our neighbors to the north.. I would be very happy with one of those carbines in 7.62×39

  5. Pat says:

    I bet those are airsoft MBUS copies on the rifles. It looked like they copies the PMAG look on some of the rifles as well.

    • Jian Hong says:

      Considering Norinco actually makes quality weapons I say you are wrong.

      Shit my Norinco made Hawk 982 is far superior to the murican made trash Remington 870s I’ve seen and used.

  6. Madurin says:

    It soothes me to see the Chinese are just as arbitrary with their weapon designations as the American media is.

  7. Diddler says:

    Carbines are slightly KAC SLICK/SAN553-esque.

  8. Steak TarTar says:

    AK Alfa vibes

  9. Grump says:

    Hey, that ani-riot handgun is copied from Blade Runner!!

  10. Strike-Hold says:

    That assault rifle family reminds me a lot of the Robinson Arms XCR… Considering that a licensed airsoft copy of the XCR is made in China, it makes me wonder if the Chinese copied an airsoft copy to make a real-steel copy….

    • Cuvie says:

      I’m pretty sure the CS/LR-17 is actually a development of the Type 81. It looks like a more streamlined version of the CS/LR-14 or NAR-10 which was their earlier attempt at an export rifle that was basically a 7.62×51 variant of the Type 81 with rails bolted onto it. The long, thin Type 81 action with the right side charging handle is still present on this new rifle, though they’ve made the gas block adjustable now.