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American Gunfighter Episode 7 – Instructor Staff, Northern Red

Episode 7 of BCM’s original series, American Gunfighter, is streaming. Episode 7 features Northern Red Instructor Staff and US Army Special Operations Combat Veterans Chris Kovacik, John Ellison and Zach Harrison, discussing their motivations for training in both their roles as Special Operations Soldiers and as instructors of active duty military and counter terrorism professionals.

Directed and produced by Jon Chang, American Gunfighter is an ongoing series produced by BCM featuring elite law enforcement and military personnel sharing their thoughts and stories about their profession and craft.

Northern Red is a Private Military Firm specializing in training elite military and law enforcement units for counter terrorism, hostage rescue and close quarter battle missions. The Instructor Staff consists entirely of US Army Special Operations combat veterans with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) was founded in 2005 by a veteran United States Marine in Hartland, Wisconsin, where the company maintains its HQ today. BCM builds weapon systems that are manufactured, reinforced and tested to meet the unforgiving needs of law enforcement, military, security and peace keeping professionals in some of the most high stress environments and situations in the world.


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3 Responses to “American Gunfighter Episode 7 – Instructor Staff, Northern Red”

  1. Darkhorse says:

    Love these guys- #legit

  2. Burdy says:

    I have dealt with most of these guys and most specifically JD. Great guys to work with. I can tell you that they do not care about the status quo or what everyone else considers the best new widget. They only care about what works in the way that they intend to use it, and then they use those same items in ways that ultimately prove it. If they are running something, pay attention, there is a very good reason for it.

  3. Luke says:

    Hey that shoot house and range on are on Virginia International Raceway..saw some of the signage “pure gold choke” up from the 3gun nationals held there.