Elite Tactical Systems – 170mm Competition Legal 9mm Glock Clear Polymer Magazine


For Immediate Release

November 17, 2016: The ETS Group is proud to announce the release of their new GLK-9-170 clear polymer 170mm competition legal, 9mm Glock® Magazine—the first ever of its type. With its extreme durability and 27-round capacity, competitive shooters can now reduce the amount of mag changes and easily identify ammo type quickly when competing. ETS clear polymer magazines feature extreme impact resistance so they won’t crack when dropped and the feed lips won’t spread when fully loaded and stored. The New GLK-9-170 fits the Glock® 17,19,26, and 34 and are compatible with Gen 1 through Gen 4 models. Also available is the GLK-9-22, 140mm competition legal magazine that gives you an extra five rounds and is only 0.7 inches longer that a standard GLK-17 magazine.

GLK-9-170 Price: $21.99 | GLK-9-22 Price: $21.99

170mm-competition legal
Fits the Glock® 17,19,26,34
Compatible with Gen 1 through Gen 4 Glocks
Standard 27-round capacity
Compatible with Glock and aftermarket floorplates
Easy disassembly with our specially designed baseplate
Ergonomically designed floorplate makes it easy to grab from mag pouches

Extreme Impact Resistance—won’t crack or break when dropped
Very resistant to harsh chemicals
Superior heat, cold and UV resistance—won’t become brittle over time even when exposed to harsh environments or extreme cold
Translucent body—allowing you to see your ammo count and type
Creep resistant—the feed lips and body won’t spread when being stored long term even when fully loaded

The GLK-9-170 and GLK-9-22 Glock® magazines are now available at

10 Responses to “Elite Tactical Systems – 170mm Competition Legal 9mm Glock Clear Polymer Magazine”

  1. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Polymer is a helluva drug, but I have yet to see a reliable clear polymer magazine that didn’t have metal feed lips. Clear polymers are a very different beast than opaque ones.

  2. JKifer says:

    I hope they’ve fixed the horrible springs and the swelling mag sides..

  3. Dellis says:

    I saw these elsewhere and my first thought was kinda cool but then wondered what they will look like after being loaded and emptied multiple times, dropped in the dirt and removed and replaced a few hundred times in your mag carrier?

    Not very clear I’m guessing. So I reckon I’ll just stick with magpul black

    • CWG says:

      You think range and training use is going to mar the magazine enough to where you literally cannot see any bullets?

      • Dellis says:

        Well I believe that they will be pretty marred up after a good amount of use. Getting fouled by powder residue, being dropped in dirt, being removed from holder, inserted into gun and then dropped when empty.

        Now can you still see the rounds in the magazine? I’m pretty sure you can still make them to a degree but again I would ask, Why? Competitive shooters might need to but I have shot several matches but never needed to know how many shots I had left. I just might be completely wrong also.

        • mike says:

          I get what you’re saying, but even if they were the haziest of hazy wouldn’t they still be more informative than opaque black?

  4. Jian Hong says:

    I have 15 ETS Glock 19 mags and 1 31 rounder that I have been using the past 6 months. Just as reliable as factory Glock mags in my experience, recently had 1 failure to feed which I think is a fluke, had that happen with OEM mags and my buddy’s Glock PMAG as well.

    I prefer these over Magpul’s because I can actually see the rounds, drives me crazy the Glock PMAG only has one witness hole for the last round.

  5. Dellis says:

    I mean no offense, as many here have far more shooting experience , but in my time shooting I have never needed the ability to see how many rounds I have left.

    I would also believe that if I am in a life/death situation I am not going to pause to see how many rounds I have left. I just need a magazine that’s gonna feed my gun, whether that be black, purple, clear, peep hole or not.