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Griffin Armaments – Micro Modular Sights (M2 Sights)


Griffin Armaments’ Micro Modular Sights are, as the name implies, low-profile and modular rifle iron sights. The sights, thanks to a patent pending interchangeable mounting plate, allows the sights to be configured either in a traditional vertical mount, or in an angle mount.


“We have owned almost every sight set there is, and there really wasn’t a do it all product, especially since we’re running a lot of offsets on our personal rigs.” -Austin stated, Lead engineer and primary owner of Griffin. He went on to state, “ Often times we found ourselves running sights for a while swapping out to something else, reverting back, etc depending on what we were doing with the firearm.”


“Ambidextrous feature functionality was important to us as well. Often time’s lefties are left out in the cold without good product support, especially in this category. Making the set ambidextrous for angle application ensures that these sites are applicable to any shooter with a Picatinny rail to support it,” Austin stated in detail. “We also thought that supporting the A2 post was pretty critical to customer satisfaction. The A2 is the 1911 of front sights; It has a lot of aftermarket options and we wanted to ensure that customers could use those options.”

  • 17-4 stainless steel and Ordnance Grade steel
  • Melonite QPQ treated
  • Low drag slotted windage screw
  • A2 sight tower supports A2 posts
  • Patent Pending modular base plate system
  • Scant 2.5oz system weight
  • www.griffinarmament.com/category-s/1863

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    5 Responses to “Griffin Armaments – Micro Modular Sights (M2 Sights)”

    1. SamHill says:

      They look to be built well and the price is great.

    2. Cwg says:

      I probably could have saved around 500 bucks over the last few years with these. Looks great.

    3. Invictus says:

      Finally, an ambi design. Great work, fellas.