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Bravo Company – The Colonel


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Designed by Al and Nico Salvitti with AAR input from multiple Special Operations End Users, The Colonel is a fighting knife, through and through, working around the shooter and utilizing existing muscle memory to produce an effective stabbing and slashing weapon that requires no special training to maintain effectiveness.


The Colonel is designed to be drawn the same as a handgun, while striking with the blade is the same as throwing a punch. The grip angle, which mirrors that of a pistol, allows The Colonel to sit low in the hand for positive retention.


The shape of The Colonel’s blade makes it virtually impossible for a user to stab themselves while the blade is in use, something that can happen when fighters employ stabbing motions with other kinds of blades, and miss the target.


The Colonel Blade is hand forged in Italy with American made G10 grip panels; sharpening and assembly is completed in the US. Each blade is QPPed (Quench Polish Quench), a nitrocarburizing case hardening that increases corrosion and wear resistance. Simply put, The Colonel is designed to be durable and effective.


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22 Responses to “Bravo Company – The Colonel”

  1. Jon says:

    SSD- do you know the blade length/overall length on this knife? I couldn’t find it on BCM’s page and I believe my state has a blade length limit. I think this would meet the requirements, but want to make sure. If I need to I can email BCM.

    • Will-I-Am says:


      The PRO: Single-edged 2.75 inch blade in N690Co steel for great edge retention, 3.5″ handle.

      The Low-Viz PRO:Single-edged 2.75 inch blade in N690Co steel for great edge retention, 3″ handle

      Hope this helps.

      • Jon says:

        Will-I-Am: Thanks! I’m at work so the videos don’t work on my computer. I watched the video on my phone and heard 3-4″….not sure Ohio’s overall knife laws but think your numbers are close enough to my current spyderco knife. I’m thinking this for my fiance who can’t carry at work (Medical field). Though I may wait for more reviews for the $150 price tag.

        Thanks again!

        • bloke_from_ohio says:

          Be careful, Ohio laws don’t really have a length restriction (at the state level). However carrying a knife concealed primarily as a weapon is prohibited because the buckeye state has some powerful dumb legislation. The concealed pistol permit does not actually cover anything but a firearm all other weapons are still forbidden.

          In effect, Ohioans can run around with a pistol but not a knife that looks sufficiently weapon like to not convince a jury/judge it is a tool/

          According to knifeup (http://www.knifeup.com/ohio-knife-laws/)

          “Ohio law allows for the ownership and open carry of any type of knife.

          Conceal carry statutes in Ohio do not specify any type of knife, other than ballistic knives, that one may not conceal carry. Instead, it makes it illegal to conceal carry any deadly weapon. The Courts have called everything from a pocketknife to a steak knife a “deadly weapon”. The test however, is whether the instrument is deadly AND is made or modified to be a weapon or is being carried as one.”

  2. Will-I-Am says:

    Pretty slick! As a non knife guy, the methodology explained by Al clicked with me. Ordered the EDC size.

  3. Gerard says:

    Its pricey but is a good design. Anyone wanting to add any knife to their defensive arsenal needs training

    • PNWTO says:

      That’s the beauty of this, it really reduces the necessary training and finesse. As one of the Northern Red guys said ,”just grab the Colonel and punch the shit out of your problem.”

  4. RA says:

    Have the older style with the round hole and stainless. Then BCM comes out with this one. I think I like this one a little better. More relief for punching with the oblong hole.
    The sheath for the original sucked though. Had to find a better alternative and this guy makes a fantastic sheath out of Kydex. Carry in appendix off hand side.


    16 Cottage Grove Ave
    Thornwood, NY 10594

  5. Diddler says:

    Am I the only one who finds irony in naming a weapon after a rank that mires fighting men in red tape?

  6. Drake says:

    I like the concept of this blade, similar to the KaBar TDI knife. Any concerns in the finger being wrapped in the handle for potential injury? No expert just thinking on it. Looked at BM SOCP and American Kami GITFO as well. This looks to carry concealed well.

    • PNWTO says:

      It’s an issue but I think the real risk in minimal. Some.of us have gone pretty hard with the trainer and haven’t had any such incidents.

    • OkieRim says:

      Non-knife fighter here, this one looks much more stable in your hand compared to the BM and GTFO, I would be concerned that in a fight, something that happens fast, that I would rip my had deploying/using either of those (no hilt). If you deploy this one correctly, looks like a lot less chance of your hand moving forward and getting cut.

  7. Baldrick says:

    Just ordered one of these as BCM often sells out of this type of run. I’m not much of a knife guy but I appreciate how this is designed to minimize training need by utilizing skills most shooters already have.

  8. brandon whorley says:

    If you are on the fence about this blade, don’t be. The Colonel is the truth. Simple, effective, intuitive and sexy. All wrapped into one streamlined package. If necessary it can stay in the hand while running a pistol/carbine without compromising grip and does not hinder your ability to address malfunctions or mag changes of any type. Easy to conceal and a beast if called upon. It is the evolution of the fighting blade.

  9. Joe says:

    We all worry about penetration of our ammo insisting 12 inches but then we think of 3 inch stabbing knife will work?

    • Tim says:

      If you can conceal a 12″ blade under a t-shirt be my guest. Realistically the blade needs to be under a certain size for carrying consistently.

      When you strike your fist is compressing flesh so the effective penetration of the knife is deeper than its nominal blade length.

      Also, when you’re punching usually you are trying to do this around your adversary’s limbs, and you can come in at different angles to strike around them. Not super viable with bullets unless you can curve them like in Wanted.

    • Wake27 says:

      That’s because bullets often have to punch through some type of barrier first dude. And blades are typically almost the last resort. Let us know how those 12 inches work for you when the guy is so close you can smell his breath.

    • Kemp says:

      Current knife thinking is less “kill this asshole” and more “get the fuck off me so i can shoot your ass”

    • Scott Slack says:

      12 inches is to ensure adequate penetration on shots from less than ideal angles, as well as to deal with the way bullets can go squirrelly and go lots of different directions once they’re in the body. A knife is less likely to go off in weird directions once it is inside the body. And a knife like this is most likely to be used in a face to face engagement in which you don’t have to go as deep.

  10. Scott Slack says:

    I wonder how this one would fall with push dagger laws. Most of the ones I know prohibit a knife whose blade is perpendicular to the handle, which this one isn’t quite, but you might run into people who disagree. But it is an interesting take on the punch dagger concept. A lot more secure than the typical version. Would make a good backup blade, though I still prefer more traditional blades for myself.