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PenCott-GreenZone All-Weather Uniform Set From BE-X Combat Gear

PenCott recently announced a new uniform set from BE-X Combat Gear, in PenCott’s GreenZone camouflage pattern. Below is the opening section of the blog post detailing the uniform set

Under their professional milspec brand ‘FronTier One’, BE-X Combat Gear has released their new ultralight, windproof, water resistant, uniform set in PenCott® GreenZone® camouflage.


All items in this set are made from genuine US MilSpec 50D polyester fabric with a durable water resistant finish – this is the exact same fabric used by the US Marine Corps for its snow camouflage over suit and by the US Air Force for its physical training shell suit. The fabric is rugged, lightweight, windproof, water repellent and unbelieveable fast drying!


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One Response to “PenCott-GreenZone All-Weather Uniform Set From BE-X Combat Gear”

  1. Preacher says:

    Begadi … well known as an Airsoft Store since somewhere around 15 years.
    Since a few years coming up with low-cost stuff produced on thier own. The sewing got a good quality, like every chinese product, materials composition variating from mid to sometimes high quality specs. But the designs: Are awful.
    No clue at all. Even the cool “Tier One” Tarps are just not well thought out.

    Do yourself a favor: Check the “cool” pictures they provide, and what gear is worn by the only “face” of that brand: That Bushcraft guy whom is expirienced into living the nature for sure, but… “that´s it”.
    Not that couldn´t be enaugh – or isn´t enaugh compared to some other more well know brands – but if you tested the products and see that, magicly everything comes together to some big picture.

    Begadi, alias BE-X: Do yourself a favor and spend time into engineering something with a matter. Til than, just one competitior against MFH (Max Fuchs) or Miltec (Storm GmbH). All know to be re-branded shit from Germany.

    Sorry to tell you this, but as a german who would love to support local businesses: Take your decision after you compared it to competitors which are well known… I might guess with what you may will end up…