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FN’s Series Of Modern Sporting Rifles Re-engineered For Enhanced Performance

(McLean, Va. – Dec. 05, 2016) FN America, LLC announces the release of the next evolution of modern sporting rifles bearing the FN 15TM name and featuring the newly-designed FN handguard with M-LOK technology. The FN 15 Series will take on a streamlined, family approach and will feature updated models like the FN 15 DMR II and Tactical Carbine II in both 5.56x45mm and .300 AAC Blackout.

“The updates made to the FN 15 series focus heavily on the handguard,” said John Keppeler, senior vice president of commercial and law enforcement sales. “We evaluated handguard options on the market and decided that the next evolution of this line would need to outperform our customers’ expectations in terms of fit and finish as well as accuracy. We are confident that these new rifles will do just that.”

The FN handguard, constructed of 6061 aluminum, precisely locks to the upper receiver, over top of the barrel and barrel nut, using wedge locks tightened clockwise and anti-rotation pin preventing movement between rail and receiver. Finishing off the installation are two screws to bottom out in the barrel nut groove. Combined, the handguard’s alignment mechanism provides extreme rigidity and less deflection, ensuring that all mounted accessories will remain affixed without any shift in zero, despite pressures that may be applied during firing.

The new rifles and carbines will begin shipping to FN distributors this month and are expected to be available at retail at the end of the year. Manufacturer’s suggested retail values are as follows – FN 15 DMR II, $1,999; FN 15 Tactical Carbine II, $1,599; FN 15 Tactical Carbine .300 BLK II, $1,599.

For more information and full product specifications on the new FN 15 carbines and rifles, or other FN products, please visit us online at

Although this press release diesn’t mention it, this sounds a lot like the carbine they’ve working on with Hodge Defense Systems. It would be great to see a production version.

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10 Responses to “FN’s Series Of Modern Sporting Rifles Re-engineered For Enhanced Performance”

  1. John Smith says:

    This is firmly in BCM and DD territory. I wonder how the quality will square in this (well sorted) tier of competition?

  2. Joe says:

    “Oh sh!t, Colt caught on! We have to also!”

  3. Pat says:

    so wasn’t this posted a month or so ago as a partnership between Hodge Defense systems and FN USA, the press release doesn’t seem to reflect any partnership at all, I was also under the impression that these wedge lock rails where being built by MEGA Arms to Hodge Defense specs will FN USA now produce the rails or continue to subcontract MEGA Arms??

  4. Hobbs says:

    Jeez… they didn’t “reengineer” anything, they just put on a new handguard. I must be the only person with AR fatigue to the point of nausea, but nothing gives me Forrest Whittaker eye more than an established company like FN, with its own great indigenous designs, going all-in on AR’s, especially this late in the game. Oh, no one bought the “Military Classic” line? Well, add some bells and whistles!! Oh…No one bought those, either? Add MORE bells! MORE WHISTLES!! When are companies going to realize that no one is buying factory rifles anymore when you can do the same or better yourself, at home, for less money, AND have the satisfaction of having “done it myself”? Unless the rifles offer something unique, like a proprietary piston system, or something like the War Sport LVOA, these rifles will likely languish on shelves. Dear FN, please, bring back the FAL. Bring back the FNC. Release the FNAC. Build more SCARs to drive down prices. Hell, just some aftermarket options like barrels or other parts for your own designs would be nice on a schedule that isn’t “maybe”. Just no more AR’s. Please.

    • SGreen says:

      ….Needs more cowbell.

      • Chris K. says:

        Either you get it or you don’t…

      • BrettW says:

        Yeah, I guess the S&W M&P line did so horrible with LE agencies (and civilians) why would anyone else think to enter that market… And last I checked, most agency authorized firearms aren’t allowed to be a frankengun(s). I highly doubt these will “languish on shelves”, regardless of you opinion of FN, they will sell just fine. The FN brand holds a strong name and (most) of their dealers will buy and resell these with no issues.

  5. PC says:

    Any info on the “PRO” model (referenced in the SolSys article from a month ago) that was supposed to come with the Hodge barrel and pinned Warcomp?