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Triple Aught Design – Protocol Jacket

I am super excited about this launch. First off, it’s on a Thursday rather than the normal Friday launch day for Triple Aught Design. Second, it’s a blazer. The team at TAD hinted at this when I was out there in September, but I had no idea it would be this nice. Based on the photos, I think the Protocol will be great for those of you looking for a travel blazer. Now I know I just got a new blazer form another company, but a fella can have two, right? Maybe Mrs SSD will read this and get me one for Christmas.

Having a tailor isn’t quite the mark of a gentleman that it used to be, but a great fitting blazer still is.

Made from Ventile, it is unlined and incorporates both a bi-swing back as well as a single vent amking itba great warm weather jacket. Additionally, TAD has finished the Protocol with their signature taped buttons, functional cuffs, and double welted, tuckable pocket flaps. This is a sporty looking coat.

Ventile, originally designed in the UK, is densely woven from 100% cotton using the world’s finest long staple fibre. Its secret lies in the uncoated and non-laminated construction. The performance of Ventile® fabrics results from the properties of cotton fibres which expand in a uniform manner when they come into contact with water. This allows the interstices within the fabric to close up, preventing the further passage of water. In addition to this, Ventile is impregnated with a high quality DWR system which enhances the fabrics water resistant properties and increases performance. The fabric therefore provides excellent protection against the wind, rain, snow and cold, and a unique level of comfort that is highly breathable, very durable and quiet.

-Bi-swing back and single vent for enhanced mobility
-TAD signature slotted buttons at front and functional cuff closures
-Double welted front pockets with tuckable pocket flaps
-Single ticket pocket and dual internal welted pockets
-Field repair buttons included inside



29 Responses to “Triple Aught Design – Protocol Jacket”

  1. D.B. says:

    Must be a new fad, but I’m not complaining and variety is good…Platatac released theirs in DWR Nylon less than a week ago.


    TAD’s looks fantastic, the only bit I’d change would be to lower the top button a little, it’s sitting a little high for a nice buttoned-up look.

    • Bill says:

      I would go for the Bluffworks over this. It has a lot of features that timmies crave without coming from a timmy factory. Also it looks more business like.

      • SSD says:

        Apparently, I’m not hip enough to know what a Timmy or a Timmy factory is.

        • D.B. says:

          You and me together, Eric.

          • D.B. says:

            To correct – You and me, both.

            • DW says:

              I think he’s suggesting it’s “tactical timmy” made by a tactical timmy factory.

              This is probably a good option for guys who don’t normally wear a blazer/sport coat. But if you normally where dressier clothes, it leaves some to be desired.

              Even for an unlined or half-lined jacket it looks pretty wrinkled, in all their promo pictures. I agree with poster above as well, the top button is too high. Also, it’d be better served by being a medium gray rather then black.

              I like the idea, but not the execution.

              • DW says:

                ETA- I looked at their compendium color palette and it appears this is a type of gray for them. From the initial pictures it was so dark it appeared black to me.

                I’d still lighten it up some to make it more versatile.

  2. Warren says:

    TAD just isn’t the same without Patrick Ma at the wheel sorry to say. Since his departure it’s been more quantity over quality with their releases.

    • D.B. says:

      I hear you, Patrick definitely set the original scene at TAD and came up with the original designs many have tried to copy, but he hasn’t exactly come up with anything ground braking around clothing and apparel in general during his current tenure at PDW.
      Just look at the Odyssey cargo pant offered exclusively to EU market for example, it’s nothing more than re-hashed pair of Force 10 cargos.

      Plus the TAD has two really good designers in the team now looking at re-refreshing most of their apparel line in the 2017/18. Let’s see what they come up with before we criticize them 😉

  3. Kit Badger says:

    Question: Does this come with a lapel knife? Because that would be awesome…

  4. Gerard says:

    Ventile fabric has facinated me for awhile. Ventile is remarkable, breathes and keeps water off you. If I can get a good fit with this jacket Id consider it a necessary purchase

    • Luke says:

      Honestly it’s mostly hype. Its not an uncool fabric, but it only offers softshell/windshirt levels of water resistance, and at a lower durability. A prolonged steady drizzle or true rain will have water running down your underlayers pretty quick. It looks good though!

      • bobX says:

        Guess it depends. I’ve been really happy with it in comparison to some of the synthetic things (FREE, early Massif) I’ve been issued. Dries quicker, easier to maintain, less bulky, and I’ve been wearing the same jacket for at least six years now. Maybe lowest bidder problems, but I haven’t had any issue stuff work like ventile.

      • Hernando says:

        It is not hype. Cotton excels in all climates except wet cold. I dont understand the American fascination with wearing Plastic, even down to underwear.

        Btw, Private White do the same thing but for more money and in various ventile colors. Called the Combat Blazer.


  5. Luke says:

    Man, I don’t care for blazers but I love me some tape buttons. I’m torn.

  6. kemp says:

    one thing about ventile is it fades. like jean-style whisker fading. not a problem in an outdoor garment, but personally i wouldn’t like it in a blazer.

  7. Jon says:

    I have a tad ranger hoodie and it’s nice thought after having it for about 7 years now, I don’t wear it nearly as much as I do my columbia soft shell. I wanted the Tad Stealth jacket (no hood) but they stopped producing it. I noticed that TAD went from a bunch of cool gear (flags, knives, bags so on) to mostly clothing and a few knives, to now just a few in stock items. Things like the legionare herringbone pants or the stealth jacket are gone. Other wool items I don’t think I’ve seen in stock in over a year. This looks nice and I like the buttons a lot, but can get something similar already out there. Maybe I’ll make it back to the dogpatch next time I visit home.

    right now, I’ve got an olive travel jacket from combatgent.com and I like it a lot.

    • Tanner says:

      TAD’s SAS sweater is a great piece even though its not cheap. Mine has held up for years (maybe because it was gen1 quality)

      • SSD says:

        Many of their products are made in US factories.

        • Jon says:

          Yes and that’s one reason I like TAD a lot. Actually I had a “ronin” hoodie from them in techwool. Very light grey jacket, think it was made in china though. Overall it was decent quality. I really like the SAS sweater, but honestly don’t wear enough wool or dress up enough to justify the cost. It’d be nice for date nights though!

  8. Tanner says:

    I’ve been a fan of TAD forever, but WTF is this skinny lapel trend going on with men’s suits, not to mention a button point at the sternum instead of the belly button?! The premise and fabrics look awesome, but this looks like TAD went on a date with Thom Brown and tried to duplicate that shrunken little boy suit option (no offense AC/DC). A jacket should cover your ASS, this one barely looks longer than the guy’s shirt. The fabric strip running down the front for the main buttons is a little weird to me also.

    • Jester says:

      You’re right. No one with any sense of professionalism would wear this in a setting that requires anything more than business casual attire. But in their defense, they aren’t marketing this to someone who wears a tie on a regular basis. At least, I hope they aren’t.

      I think of it as some sort of travel garment, and apparently that’s the direction the manufacturer is pointing, since the promo picture shows a guy wearing it with jeans.