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Introducing Allied Risk Equipment Consulting, Ltd.


Allied Risk Equipment Consulting Ltd is a newly formed multi-disciplinary company based in the UK. AREC specialises in consultancy, manufactures representing agents and where appropriate product distribution. Founder Richard Bell having been involved in the industry for some considerable time has divided it into three high-level demographics; Combative, Defensive and Recreational. Richard is working closely with several Global manufactures that are looking to expand within the UK and European markets. AREC also supports local, UK and European based manufactures in order to increase their opportunities and exposure in a wider market place.

AREC’s focus is not just on the companies / products but just as importantly in Richard’s opinion on the people as well as the culture, ethos, mentality, commitment and professionalism of those companies. Richard feels that knowing the provenance and history of how that company or product formed certainly helps him and ultimately an end user understand what they are buying and why it will have a positive impact on their personal or professional lives.
The companies that AREC has a strong desire to support are those made up of active or ex-service men / women or employee ex-service men / women who are looking to transition into a civilian life. Or they will also have close ties and / or support those in the Military, Police and Emergency Services.

Ideally the focus for AREC is to work with companies who are not only based in Allied / Coalition countries but will endeavour to source as much of the materials, production and staff from those countries.

With the launch of Allied Risk Equipment Consulting they are pleased to announce the 1st ‘Pro-staff’ appointment. Mark Jarvis, based in the UK is bringing with him a vast range of expertise and experience across a wide range of disciplines.


‘Mark Jarvis is a strength and conditioning coach who works closely with all levels of MMA fighters, boxers, athletes & celebrities specialising in performance conditioning. After leaving The Parachute Regiment, Mark worked in close protection & security, before moving into the field of military advisor in the film industry. There he trained actors for film roles which included weapons training, fighting forms as well as to physically look &move like soldiers and warriors. His many years of hands on training experience his first-hand knowledge of the human body, nutrition & supplementation has kept him at the top of his field as a personnel trainer and a strength & conditioning coach to a wide variety of clients from professional fighters, industry leaders through to Celebrities’.

For more information on Allied Risk Equipment Consulting and how to contact them do visit the website www.alliedriskequipment.com.


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