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Mike Pannone – CZ-USA P10-C 9mm

Thanks to Kevin Mah of Point and Shoot Media Works for the video.

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19 Responses to “Mike Pannone – CZ-USA P10-C 9mm”

  1. Gerard says:

    I like everything Ive read or seen on video about this new CZ. I cant wait to test fire one (I never buy any pistol I havnt test fired). Naturally I’ll wait at least a year before purchasing one…(another requirment)

  2. Dellis says:

    I respectively disagree with above post.

    I own numerous CZs and every one is brilliant! I’ll be getting one of this as soon as I see it for sale

    • Dellis says:

      Let me also add this…the one major downside to this new CZ and for that matter much of the CZ line is aftermarket accessories. So yes I can see why Gerard would “wait a year” if just based on waiting for the market to catch hold and get some stuff out there.

      Can CZ knock Glock off the top? Who knows or cares really cause I have both brands and neither have ever let me down. Almost 800 rounds thru my P09 in a little over 3 hours at a class and never a hiccup.

      The Glock? Just about a year ago I got my first Glock and now have 3 and it’s just solid system. The accessories for Glock is mind boggling. Every holster maker makes something for an G19, G17 and now G43 but not so for CZ.

      • LBC23 says:

        Well I guess it’s a good thing the new CZ is designed to fit in G19 holsters then.

        • Dellis says:

          Yes I read about this but not totally sold on it until I try it on several G19 holsters I have. If so that’s going to be great…now if only the G19 magazines would work in the CZ!!

  3. Mike says:

    Looks great. Any word on if Apendix carry will be allowed in future classes?

  4. Frank says:

    I don’t think waiting a year has to do with aftermarket support, it probably has to do with making sure any hiccups with the new design are addressed before purchase. In the past few years even the big companies have had some major QC and reliability issues with their respective new offerings.

  5. ThisIsWrong says:

    Another offering that doesnt answer the question of why anyone should buy this over a Glock.

    • Mark says:

      The video actually touched on all the reasons one might be interested in buying this over a Glock. That being: Front cocking serrations, flat trigger, crisp 4lb trigger pull with minimal reset, metal sights… If someone doesn’t own a striker fired pistol and was comparing apples to apples (Glock to CZ) then the CZ might win out because for the same price you’re getting a whole lot more value. A lot of people pay big $$$ to get these “upgrades” done to their glock; myself included. Do you need these upgrades? No. But for the same price as a Glock its definitely worth considering. Just say’n.

      • Gerard says:

        The basic reason for this over a Glock is Trigger, if you can live with an OEM Glock trigger fine but a lot of people cant. Glock triggers cant be easily swapped out and improved but its expensive. Thats where the CZ will win with its great stock trigger.

  6. mark says:

    I’m excited to try it out and see how the striker compares to a CZ P07 with Cajun Gun Works hammer installed.

  7. Vince Simonetti says:

    If you are LEO or MIL, check out the CZ Public Safety and Military Personnel Program. You will be pleasantly surprised at the discount.

  8. Burdy says:

    I am always impressed when I see see someone who is cross eye dominate that shoots proficiently. From the looks of it, Mike appears to be in that category.
    This CZ in a full size gun might just be THE gun try out in the SSP class for IDPA. It may not run with the 34’s in capable hands, but it appears to have a real good shot at being a better option than the 17 given all the extra features and the great reviews I have read on it’s recoil impulse and controlability.

    • JD says:

      Respectfully, I believe the cross eye dominant issue is blown out of proportion. I’m a left hand right eye dominant shooter and can routinely get A-zone hits at 7 yards with .80, sometimes .70 second draws. Not superhuman performance, but I don’t see it as an obstacle. If anything, it’s a benefit when it comes to rifle/pistol transitions (shooting rifle RH). Guys like Larry Vickers and Dave Sevigny also do okay being cross-dominant.

      I also agree that the CZ striker gun looks like it has potential!

    • Gretsch9 says:

      Mr. Panone lost the use of one eye during a breaching accident and was forced to switch to The other. He’s an incredible shooter and instructor. Through training you can be proficient with either.

  9. Do you know wear I can Place a order for one? Or who has one to sell?