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Sneak Peek – New GGP Carbon Fiber Variable Optic

Grey Ghost Precision will soon be releasing their second carbon fiber variable optic. Following in the footsteps of the CF-5 1-5x variable, this scope will be 3-18x. It will be manufactured by Kruger Optical to the specs put together for them by a team of former SFARTAETC and SFAUC instructors, precision competition shooters and hunters.

Visit them at their suite in the Venetian or stop by Booth 31000 at SHOT Show, to see it in person.

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3 Responses to “Sneak Peek – New GGP Carbon Fiber Variable Optic”

  1. DSM says:

    I’ve some questions regarding durability solely from no frame of reference with this material in this specific application (I want to see it tested like the original Unertls, and to know if sitting in the sun will warp lens mounting) but this is a change in the right direction to lessen the weight of the ginormous optics that are the rage nowadays. The glass carries the most weight and it isn’t getting lighter so shave weight where you can.
    The 3×18 power is just about perfect for a 30 cal rifle too. This’ll probably be priced out of my wallet but is something that I’m keenly interested in following.

  2. Sam says:

    You aren’t going to be saving a significant amount of weight using a scope with a carbon fiber tube versus one with a once piece aluminum tube. The lens elements in a scope do make up a majority of the weight so at best you may be saving a few ounces, if any at all. Kruger Optical already makes two carbon fiber tubed scopes in 1-6 and 3-18 so it’s possible these are modified/rebranded versions for GGG. The weights that Kruger listed on their website are pretty much in line with other optics in the same magnification range. They list the 1-6 as about 16 oz and a Vortex 1-6 Strike Eagle is about 17 oz. The 3-18 is listed as about 26 oz which is about the same weight as a Leupold 3-18. GGG’s 1-5 is listed as 14 oz so it’s right in line with other optics. It’s an interesting use of carbon fiber and the material has been used in high stress applications in the racing and aerospace fields but I’ll stick with aluminum tubed scopes.

  3. Kev says:

    I’ll stick with aluminum as well. I’ve had my share of exposure to carbon fiber vs aluminum parts in th bicycle world and once the carbon fiber was compromised with a knick/scratch/gouge it was done. Even over torquing brake levers could do it.