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Juggernaut.Case Forearm.Mount

I thought this photo wouod be a good share for those of you who use mobile devices on duty.

Many users ask, “what if I can’t mount a case to my armor?” Well, the Forearm.Mount with Boa closure system is available for those users that prefer this configuration.


15 Responses to “Juggernaut.Case Forearm.Mount”

  1. d says:

    What’s old is new again. Harris KDU’s could be worn on the wrist since way back.

  2. Cuvie says:

    Pip-Boy 3000 case when?

    • Richard says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Does it come in a color that doesn’t clash with my vault suit? Seriously though, I hope they will come out with a non-cable version.

  3. Airborn_fister says:

    I want a case just need it to be iPhone compatible!

  4. GearHead says:

    Can anyone id that AR handguard?

  5. Bobby davro says:

    The boa system looks interesting used in the attachment, wonder if it would work on the knee board mount ?? Any ideas

    • Done. All new revisions of the Kneeboard.Mount have an enclosed Boa closure system in addition to the 2″ Fastex for rapid egress. We will make an announcement this week on FB and Instagram…