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Sneak Peek from ADM 



4 Responses to “Sneak Peek from ADM ”

  1. Hoff says:

    Pistol caliber that accepts Glock mags?

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    Excellent. Another competitor for fun guns. Love me some Glock mag ARs.

    Just hope it’s less vaporware-y / super-extreme-double-back-order than the New Frontier Armory LRBHO upper I’ve been waiting on for over a year.

  3. CWG says:

    Awesome. The ADM lower is probably the best designed one on the market. Pretty cool to see one for pistol mags. If it’s glock fed and can use a QC10 upper I’ll be in heaven

  4. We designed it around the what we feel is the most popular 9mm magazine: Glock®. This lower will retain all the features of our other UIC lowers, including bolt, locked to the rear on last round 🙂 For those attending SHOT Show 2017, you can shoot this weapon at the LVMPD Range Day. We will also have them in booth #8506.