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SHOT Show 17 – OTTO NoizeBarrier

The OTTO NoizeBarrier is a new electronic ear plug to protect from continuous impulse noise.

It offers 15db of protection for continuous elevated noise as well as 5x amplification for soft noise. The ealugs recharge in the case and run for up to 16 hours.



12 Responses to “SHOT Show 17 – OTTO NoizeBarrier”

  1. Dellis says:

    I am very interested in something like this. SSD, is there an product with noise cancelling but also blue tooth capabilities?

  2. darrel says:

    The self contained case/charger is a really nice idea. Unless I’m looking at it weird it looks to be no larger than a pack of cards.

    • glenn says:

      It is a self contained charger that offers a 30 day charge when fully charged. Its a just a bit larger than a deck of cards.

  3. PPGMD says:

    Interesting, I wonder if they can fit custom molded plugs in that case. Also a bluetooth feature would be a plus (I like listening to music on the range).

    • glenn says:

      Your custom molded ear plugs may fit, that will depends on the manufacture of custom molded ear plugs you are using as the whole sizes vary.

  4. Captain Merica says:

    Is that NRR 15dB (pathetic), or actual reduction of 15dB resulting from an NRR of 37dB (exceptional)?

    • glenn says:

      NRR is depends on the ear tip you choose. The triple flange or reusable has an NRR or 25 and with the foam its 35-40 NRR with the product in the off position. 15dbs is when the product is in on position.

  5. Torch says:

    How similar are these to the Peltor TEP-100 that have been out for a couple years now? I love my Peltor COMTACs, but the TEP-100s are a great alternative for the range, especially on hot days. I’m sure the high end Harris&Sons or Hear-Pro custom electronic earbuds are amazing, but the TEPs are great for $200 and a recharging case.

    • glenn says:

      OTTO’s charger has a display for the charger, OTTO’s base is rechargeable, OTTO’s ear plug have wind noise reduction with multi mode and the sound quality is outstanding.

  6. Vince says:

    Looks like there is an option to use Comply tips or the flange type tips in the case. I would venture to bet that the NRR exceeds 15 db with the Comply tips.

  7. glenn says:

    That is correct you can use either a triple flange reusable or the foam it come with both.