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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Lightweight Assault Ghillie

This is the Lightweight Assault Ghillie developed with Treadswift. It’s a cloak design made from lightweight weather resistant mesh and Trelleborg, the LWAG can be garnished as necessary or used as is. Generously sized to fit over equipment but still easy to stow on your pack or load carriage it has stretch cord for under arm positioning and a security strap for the front that can be adjusted for height and girth. The hood of the LWAG is secured in place with large smock style buttons. Be sure to keep an eye on the LWAG as FS and Treadswift work this item to offer you options for Arctic, Urban and other Operational Areas. Jute not included.


3 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Lightweight Assault Ghillie”

  1. STEPAN1983 says:

    I think its a bad idea. They use huge piece of expensive material with all these wasted lasercut pieces inside – not effective manufacturing. Also the attachment cells are too big – easier to catch sticks and vegetation, and not so many potential camo elements on it (good example is the last picture – classic viperhood with paracord loops will have much more elements on the surface)

    • Eddie says:

      A lot of good points, but knowing First-Spear there may be other techniques and features to it than we know that make this design necessary. First thing I thought of when I saw this were the old WW2 Soviet sniper suits. They need to put out a video on this to give a better overview.

      • Brando says:

        Agreed. As much as the old netting and shoe goo technique worked well for ages, it’s nice to see this revisited with new materials and a slightly different approach.