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SHOT Show 17 – LBT Inc Booth Overview

Quick look at some of the gear at the LBT booth.

Lightweight modular Carrier designed and developed in conjunction with Jason Falla from RB1, carrier has updated materials for overall comfort and fit featuring a tab system cummerbund adjustment as well

Quad release carrier developed for DHS as a request for an alternative to some carriers currently on the market. The release mechanism features a push or pull release with a minimal footprint in an effort to save valuable real-estate. The goal will be to offer this release system with all 6094 series by LBT as well as other carriers an end user may own

Streamlined top loading ruck w/ bottom access, available in different deniers of nylon as well as maritime friendly materials. Can be used with ALICE frame or enhanced jumpable frame.



4 Responses to “SHOT Show 17 – LBT Inc Booth Overview”

  1. Irish says:

    Any idea what the ruck dimensions are?

  2. Gunnar Gray says:

    I like the set up on the quad release. I was issued an LBT plate carrier a few years back. I retrofitted it with Crye radio pouches under the cummerbund, First Spear cummerbund with tubes, Tactical Tailor Velcro panels on the back and Velocity Systems Swift Clips to swap between 2 panels or slick. I’ve been happy with it since the modifications, but I’d be a lot happier to have just got this in the first place.

    • Greg says:

      Do you have pics of your upgraded PC ? I’m curious of the result. What do you call “Tactical Tailor Velcro Panels” ?

  3. Pete says:

    Need more information!
    Those quad releases look great. Who makes them? Is LBT going to offer cummerbund kits?
    That 6094 RB1 looks great, I have an issued and well used 6094 which is a great plate carrier, but gets pretty sweaty – this looks to address the heat both in the cummerbund and in those raised batman suit looking bits on the inside.

    Lastly, what is this “Enhanced Jumpable Frame”? I’ve never seen this for sale. Where can I find more info?