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SHOT Show 17 – Velocity Systems Overview

In case you missed Velocity Systems at SHOT Show, here are five great new products. We’ll have more detailed articles on each one soon but I can tell you that if you already like the SCARAB LT, you’re going to love the SCARAB DLX.

The Placard Chest Rig Adapter is made with Helium Whisper and designed to turn their placards into a chest rig (attach placard to Chest Rig Adapter and clip into their H Harness using ITW Buckles).

The Tactical Back Panel was designed to be used in conjunction with any of their chest rigs. If the Plate Sleeve is used the kit can hold both front and back hard armor plates (Plate Sleeve and Chest Rigs sold separately). The panel includes an internal plate pocket and separate hydration bladder pocket.

The Mayflower Jungle Kit is designed to provide a load carriage solution for the hot, wet jungle environment. Features include an H-harness with removable padding, a sternum strap and pouch options. The pouches were designed around the amount and type of equipment usually needed for long duration jungle patrolling. All the pouches feature the Helium Whisper attachment system (zero water absorbency) and large diameter drain holes.

The 48 Hour Assault Pack Includes an integrated hydration bladder sleeve, small pocket for cell phone or PDA, PALS webbing on left exterior side, water bottle compression sleeve on right exterior side and an open top compression pocket on front.

The SCARAB™ DLX is Velocity Systems top of the line carrier in innovative technology and comfort. Weighing in at 1.6 lbs., the SCARAB ™ DLX is 20% lighter than the already ultra-light SCARAB ™ LT. The new design includes an interior frame built to put space between your body and the carrier for passive cooling and blunt trauma reduction. The revolutionary material used prevents the MOLLE capable triangles from long-term distortion or loss of shape. The ergonomically designed and adjustable padded shoulder straps articulate on a D-ring allowing them to sit correctly and comfortably on any user, regardless of neck width or shoulder broadness. The SCARAB™ DLX includes Integrated SwiftClip® buckles for rapid don/doff of auxiliary chest worn equipment (i.e. Chest Rigs and SwiftClip® Placards), and secure plate pockets that have Velcro® brand fasteners on the closure flap as well as on the interior plate strap.

All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.


13 Responses to “SHOT Show 17 – Velocity Systems Overview”

  1. Hodge175 says:

    I wish they would come out with more zip on rear panels for the standard Scarab LT

  2. Velocity Systems says:


    What would you like to see?? Influence a solution.

    • Hodge175 says:

      Well I will say that I have influenced several instructors for out states Marksmanship training unit to purchase the Scarab LT from checking out mine. We run them almost exclusively when we teach our shoothouse course at Ft Indiantown Gap.

      I have the mayflower assault back panel, and I have your zip on bag for the scarab. I would like to see something like the MRC assault panel for the scarab or a zip on molle hydro panel.

  3. Was great to check these all out at the show, really good load carriage ideas.

    Once you own a few placards it’s definitely appealing to then have more ways to mount and utilise them, especially in a format other than a plate carrier. Hope to see the Chest Rig Adapter sold with a chest rig harness so one can ‘just add placard’. Maybe even a split front with a zip off to one side of the loop field if possible?

  4. Non-operator says:

    Are the shoulder straps on the Tactical Back Panel adjustable?

  5. ZK says:

    Please make the radio pouches on your Mayflower chest rigs with a more modular design to accommodate the PRC-152. You guys rock!

  6. Lee Lanauco says:

    Any ETA for these on the VelSys website?

    • SSD says:

      I hope it’s soon

      • Lee Lanauco says:


        I’ve already got a Scarab LT, backpanel and placard and I’d like to dump my D3CR for the placard vest rig adapter…

        Great stuff from VelSys as per usual.