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Craig ‘Sawman’ Sawyer Gets Real with Firearms Industry, Veterans

One of the most well-respected veterans on the planet, Craig ‘Sawman’ Sawyer, speaks with fellow Special Operations veteran Aaron Barruga (Guerrilla Approach LLC) on issues regarding veteran exploitation in the private sector, the VA, and PTSD.

Check out the full writeup at tactical-life.com, and the full video below:

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2 Responses to “Craig ‘Sawman’ Sawyer Gets Real with Firearms Industry, Veterans”

  1. LCSO264 says:

    Wow! I am was not previously familiar with Mr. Sawyer, but that was an excellent interview. Probably the most “worth it” 10 minutes of internet video I’ve ever watched.

    Definitely take the time to watch, and more importantly listen to this interview.

  2. Dave Hall says:

    Very well spoken piece. Covers a lot of ground. I love the idea of Craig’s “dream job”. I’d add lacing into the many 501c3’s out there that supposedly help veterans but actually serve the organizers’ self interests.

    Craig’s facial animations would still fit right in to the world of pro wrestling, IMO!?