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SHOT Show 17 – Aimpoint Micro S-1 for Shotguns

Aimpoint has a new Optic designed specifically for use on Shotguns. The Micro S-1 features a 6 MOA red dot.

It uses a carbon fiber reinforced mounting system attaches directly to the shotgun at any point along the ventilated rib, keeping the site low to the bore axis. It comes with interchangeable adapter plates for most popular shotgun rib sizes, with more on the way soon.


4 Responses to “SHOT Show 17 – Aimpoint Micro S-1 for Shotguns”

  1. Gerard says:

    This is interesting, I dont use many shotguns but for those who depend on them especially in areas where defensive rifles are prohibited, it would be very useful.

  2. Mark says:

    Okay, this is kind-of neat (in a very limited application), but what about something with more broad appeal…like the 6X magnifier that was promised at SHOT Show 2016?

    • Bill says:

      I don’t even see it for any limited applications. For what? Duck hunting? It will limit your field of view. Turkeys? It will do what the bead already does. Maybe deer but I personally don’t see the point. I know of no manufacturer that makes a ribbed rifled barrel where this would be useful plus the 6 MOA dot for slugs is no bueno. Tactical stuff? I guess if you run around with your duck gun to kick doors or chop a ribbed barrel.

      I would like to see the magnifier, the Aimpoint NANO, or the AAA powered “Micro”

      The one useful purpose to this is being in the Midway clearance section in a couple of years.

    • Ken says:

      Aimpoint booth at SHOT had the 6x magnifier and a new 3x magnifier for commercial use. A couple of their guys had the AAA sight as well. And the “Nano”, or whatever it is called, was downstairs at the B&T booth on the pistol with fold away stock. It looked amazing, but I don’t know if it is the same footprint as the Trij RMR. I don’t want to mill my slide for a different size optic if I don’t have to.

      I have duck hunted with a MicroT-1 (4MOA dot) and it worked great for me. There was no field-of-view issues because you shoot with both eyes open; unlimited field-of-view. I will definitely be trying the 6MOA on my Beretta.