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MATBOCK – Poseidon

MATBOCK is proud to release their latest video production from the guys at Ironclad. The video showcases the new MATBOCK MR Dry, Berserker Carriers and pouches, Backdraft Med Kit, J-LIFT, and R-LIFT. MATBOCK would like to thank Team Wendy, Hodge Defense, Beyond Clothing, Trijicon, Mystery Ranch and Magpul for supporting the video.



3 Responses to “MATBOCK – Poseidon”

  1. Jayson says:

    MAN Those dudes are super sexy…Are they SEALs?

  2. d says:

    I guess. If you’re into that sort of thing.

    That’s actually a pretty good rundown of their product line in 90sec. Not overly dramatic or flashy.

    Their ad guy must not be a SEAL.

  3. Slow mo: check.
    Dramatic music: check.
    Vague SOF character: check.