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More On The Netherlands Fractal Pattern

We recently mentioned the Dutch Arm’s Smart Tactical Vest which featured the equipment variant of the Netherlands Fractal Pattern.


Not long ago, there was a meeting where testing of new C4I and personal equipment was discussed. A platoon had tested the equipment (from Elbit and Marom Dolphin) and direct feedback was offered, along with the opportunity to ask questions directly from the program lead and business representatives.


There was a mix of the woodland and desert versions of NFP on hand. Noteworthy, is that some of the armored vests incorporated the T-belt system which acts as a spine, transfering the weight of the vest to the hips. It was mentioned that this system will probably be issued. Also, a backpack included a hinge system allowing it to use the hip belt while carrying an armored vest.


Implementation should start near the end of 2017.

21 Responses to “More On The Netherlands Fractal Pattern”

  1. Lawrence says:

    I wonder if they’ve thought about addressing the need for Power Management on that vest?

  2. D.B. says:

    A lack of dark brown in the NSP pattern show on the first photo of the vest is interesting.
    It may however fit well local forests and woodlands in the Netherlands.

  3. Kris says:

    The pattern reminds me of the knock off multicam webbing the Army was putting on later generation plate carriers.

  4. jjj0309 says:

    Look like some kind of half-breed of Flecktarn and Marpat
    Not bad at all but I expected far more innovative for Dutch

  5. Dev says:

    I think what this adds to how innovative and timeless Flecktarn really is.

    Also good to see a camouflage pattern with matching binding tape and 1″ straps developed together. Only lacking now is matching pile tape.

    • Rob says:

      It’s not Flecktarn, it’s a fractal pattern.

      • Dev says:

        I didn’t say it was. It’s similar to Flecktarn. A pattern designed in 21st century yet still relevant to one with roots in ww2.

  6. BS says:

    Quite interesting but, honestly speaking, I was expecting to see some NFM stuff instead of Marom-Dolphin.

    • Lasse says:

      Prior to reading I actually said “wow those NFM pouches are poorly made” before realizing that it’s Marom-Dolphin.

  7. some other joe says:

    “a backpack included a hinge system ”

    Because that worked out so well for MOLLE….

    • redbeard33 says:

      I’ve played with this hinge system a bit and I am surprised that anyone would consider it for even a moment. But, I’m often surprised.

  8. Kemp says:

    That pattern looks wildly different from the initial pattern

  9. Ipkiss says:

    This pattern is a transitional pattern meant to be used both on the NFP Green and NFP Tan (desert). Thus eliminating the need for equipment in both patterns. Just like the initial idea of the new US camo programme. It is a blend of both patterns. (the NFP tan uses the exact colors of multicam btw)

    Power management: another part of the future soldier system is the E-lighter; a man-portable diesel generator using fuel packs. It’s a round canister approx 40 cm wide. This has been in development for quite some years now and as far as I know is production ready

    the communication system shown here is an in-ear version from Sylinx.
    The final version should alse feature integrated cables

    The belt system of the backpack has been mentioned earlier here on SSD:

  10. kit crazy says:

    Are there better pictures of the packs somewhere? That is a terrible photo.
    It looks like a daypack on the ground too.

    • Ipkiss says:

      Various packs and vests were tested.

      better version of the pic: https://postimg.org/image/wc9vgu4zr/

      • zach says:

        You continue to be THE source for all things NFP. Much better photo. Looks like some Lowe Saracen influence. Can’t wait to see more packs and pouches. Where can one go for good Dutch stuff with MP.net out of the picture?

        • Eddie says:

          MP.net was the best, I hate themess.net, so hard to navigate and all the photos are literally gone. People used to care about the forums and actually post relevant stuff. Now it’s what its namesake is, “The Mess.”