Q Fix Pre-Order Goes Live Tonight

During an IG Live broadcast earlier tonite, the Q crew showed off The Fix bolt action rifle and announced that pre-orders go live tonight at Midnight EST.

The pre-order is $2795 and limited to 500 rifles. Both .308 (16″) and 6.5 Creedmoor (22″) will be available. The Bartlein barrels will come with the Cherry Bomb flash hider and The Fix can be pre-ordered with the Trash PANDA silencer with matching serial number. The .308 is clear anodized with Blue accents. The 6.5 will offer a different accent color. I’m rooting for Orange. The clear anodizing is stronger than pigmented and means that parts made from different materials will have slightly different colors.

Rifles include two Magpul PMAGs and pre-orders will come with a Blue Force Gear weapon case in Blue. The shoulder strap is also a sling and there are modular pouches for silencer, magazines and a clear topped pouch for accessories.

Dealers must order at least five rifles to get dealer pricing.

There will be additional barrels in the future. There is a scope mount and short handguard available as well.

Look for mid-summer delivery.


8 Responses to “Q Fix Pre-Order Goes Live Tonight”

  1. kris says:

    I have been hunting for their website since I saw the NFA review video.

  2. jackson cobb says:

    I’ll be buying one someday, My current duty station isn’t friendly to firearms and that should allow for the kinks (if any) work out before I purchase in a year or 2.

  3. jbgleason says:

    All this time I figured the blue parts were pre-production 3D printed pieces. They are actually putting blue parts on this rifle? Not sure about that.

    • combatdoc68 says:

      I’ve heard it is “quite difficult” these days to cover in cerakote or paint to the blue portions if so desired…

  4. Non-operator says:

    Wonder how much the Honey Badger will be……

  5. Alex says:

    Is there an estimated time-frame for delivery?