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Prometheus Design Werx – Woodsman Wool Shirt

Today is the debut of the first DRB apparel for 2017. These guys continue to amaze me with their modern takes on clasic designs. The new Woodsman adds updated features to a classic workwear inspired camp shirt.

-3 Season Outdoor Shirt
-Updated classic styling
-Chest Pockets sized to fit most smartphones
-Pen Slot in one chest pocket
-Triple needle industrial grade construction
-Double reinforced elbows
-Single arm-side panel for unrestricted movement
-No-loss PDW Para-smock style buttons
-No melt-no drip wool Melton blend for all seasons
-Square tail bottom hem to wear untucked
-Crafted in California

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“Designs made under our Danger Ranger Bear label features styles that are inspired by great American outdoor classics. This is like your grandfather’s favorite outdoor shirt he wore to the cabin, or what your father threw on after an early morning session at his favorite break, but better. A modern regular fit for comfort and freedom of movement. Layer over your favorite waffle thermal, use as a light jacket around the campsite when things chill down in the evenings. The wool Melton used in the making of this modern classic is tried and true. No melt-no drip, insulates when wet, quiet and wears year after year. The chest pockets are sized to fit most non-plus sized smart phones and has one pen-pencil slot for when you use this shirt in the workshop. Double reinforced elbows keeps the typical wear points more durable, a touch borrowed from vintage US Navy type work shirts of a different era, and single arm-side panel construction allow for freedom of arm movement unlike other button up shirts being made today. The DRB Woodsman Shirt is equally at home in the wilderness, at the workshop, or inside the cabin of your favorite overlanding rig. This is a modern classic we think Teddy Roosevelt would have approved of….”

Available in Navy Blue, Owl Gray and a Special Edition Red and Black plaid made by one of the oldest continually running woolen mills in the USA.


13 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – Woodsman Wool Shirt”

  1. dan187 says:

    And a steal at only $160……

    • mark says:

      It’s actually reasonably priced for made in USA, 100% wool flannel shirt from a small company.

      I just looked up a Woolrich, made in USA flannel that is 85% wool, 15% flannel, and it’s $129, and Woolrich is a massive brand with economy of scale.

      If you start dipping your toe into smaller brands like By Robert James, a small batch flannel goes for $228.

  2. JKifer says:

    Looks a lot like the OG-108 shirts from the Korean era, if im not mistaken..

  3. Dellis says:

    These are beautiful shirts and I would have no issue paying askin price for such quality but so far winter here in South Texas has been a freezing average low of 70 degrees! !

    I predict that this will be a good year for smaller “ma & pa” type shops as big name stores lose market share.

    • SSD says:

      This hurts local and regional stores much harder than big box stores who can average sales across a larger number of stores, spread out over a wider area.

  4. Lt. Dan says:

    Is it just me or is a “Woodsman’s” shirt that needs to be dry cleaned an oxymoron?

    • Baldwin says:

      How you think you look is more important than the lack of function you just paid an arm and a leg for. Dude, do you even pose?

    • SSD says:

      It’s wool melton from Woolrich. I’m sure if you washed it in a stream and dripped dry it would fair okay. Is that woodsmany enough?

      • Lt. Dan says:

        Yes I feel better.

        Does it come with campfire smoke fragrance or is that extra? +1 to beard growth?

        In all seriousness though, this looks like a rad shirt. I’m glad to see them making stuff that goes beyond logo wear finally

  5. CapnTroy says:

    I can see this being worn by dudes with beards who don’t know how to change a tire…preferably with rolled up pants & Victorian-era brown leather boots…

    • JKifer says:

      but you forgot to include the all amazing shemagh that has been so abused and trashed by the hipsters fashion ways… (on a complete tangent/side note, my CFF shemagh has replaced my issued one, it is amazing..)

    • Jester says:

      beards and the super short not-quite-high and tight-level side hair and substantially longer top hair.

      Fucking hipsters. At least they provide entertainment value.