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Was Ist Das Denn Für Eine Neue Sturmgewehr von Heckler & Koch?

My friend JP has posted the first story mentioning H&K’s new 433 on his blog, Strategie & Technik.

The blog is in German and rife with technical jargon making it difficult for many to make out. The guys at Spartanat have provided this translation. Correction, Mike Hartman provided the translation.

Roughly translated from German:
“The system connects – as HK in a first info – the advantages of HK416 and G36, both known as short-stroke gas pressure loaders with rotary head closure. The modular, two-hand operated weapon is not an AR-15 architecture, which eliminates the buffer tube. This allows the assembly of a foldable, length- and height-adjustable shoulder support. The transfer lever has an integrated closing aid, can be mounted without tools on both sides of the gun and remains in its position during the closing movement. The barrel lengths are interchangeable on utility level. The “Lower” can be adjusted to the G36 or the HK416 operating concept (45/90 or 90/180 degree firing levers). All loading operations can be carried out in the safe state. In accordance with the NATO standard AC225 / D14, safety is given according to the manufacturer in both the safe and the firing state. The upper part of the housing has a continuous 4694 rail at 12 o’clock. On the hand guard, a Mil-Std 1913 rail is still attached to 3 and 9 o’clock HKey interfaces and to 6 o’clock.”

Update: Larry Vickers shared these photos os the 433 on Facebook.

Additionally, SPARTANAT shared these images from H&K.

I hope to see it first hand during next month’s IWA in Germany.

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41 Responses to “Was Ist Das Denn Für Eine Neue Sturmgewehr von Heckler & Koch?”

  1. JPW says:

    Hello alltogether!

    Just some corrections of the English translations:

    – Short Stroke Gas Piston System with rotary bolt
    – ambidextrous
    – non reciprocating charging handle
    – 45/90 and 90/180 selectors
    – barrel change on user level
    – all charging manipulations can be done while the safety is activated (which is – among others – a key demand for the new small arms fielded by the German armed forces)

    Eric, looking forward to meeting you up at IWA!

  2. BillC says:

    So…. essentially a G36+416 in an AR pattern, but with the AR buffer system removed?

  3. DSM says:

    Hopefully they can make something out of the ACR. Oh wait…

  4. Gerard says:

    The part they forgot to translate was the last line…’because you suck and HK hates you’

    • Diddler says:

      Every. Single. Time.

      Some idiot parrots this tired and debunked line.

      • Gerard says:

        Get over it. H&K earned that line, I didnt invent it, and I will repeat it…

        • Rob says:

          You don’t sound like a smart man.

          • Gerard says:

            Rob its up to HK to prove me wrong. Feedback on the VP9 is showing its not as reliable a gun as the hyp suggests. I’ll give any company a chance but HK has spent decades not being as customer responsive as they should have been. I dont hate thier products randomly Ive always loved the G3 series guns

            • Diddler says:

              I’m going to guess you’ve probably not owned or been issued many HK guns. As an owner, if you actually call or email them, they get right back to you with solutions to your queries. If you’re isssued them, you receive weapons that put up with tons of abuse above and beyond what many other guns will sustain.

              Are you judging the VP9 based on actual experience, or based on a bunch of bearded goons on the internet performing completely unscientific and therefore unrepeatable and unverifiable “tests” that don’t replicate actual usage conditions?

              Because you keep parroting that idiotic line over and over, I’m going to guess that you’re basing everything off of idiots with high YouTube traffic but nothing much else.

              • Gerard says:

                Evan Marshall who issued HK guns to Detroit SWAT had bad experiences with HK starting in the 70s. Later when he ran a gun shop decades later continued to have probems with HK.
                I didnt invent HKs reputation for bad customer service. This has been an issue a lot of people have had

                • Steak TarTar says:

                  Wait so you’re talking all this shit about HK based off of someone else’s experience you read about somewhere?

                  • Gerard says:

                    I place a lot of value on what gun store owners experience with HK. Im not military or LEO so yes I do read everything I can find on companies like HK. Sorry guys Im entilted to not like HK

                • Jester says:

                  I can’t comment on HK’s customer service because I’ve never had to use it. In a former life I was issued a HK416 and it ran like a sewing machine. Never once worried about its reliability. It shot where I aimed it every time I pulled the trigger. Was the one piece of gear I really hated to turn in when I left.

                  So maybe HK hates me, but their weapon treated me like a champ.

  5. James F. says:

    Looks.. kinda like HK made their own version of a SCAR. Lol

  6. mudd says:

    HK AR180

  7. Megaboss says:

    Because you’re poor and can’t afford one.

    Trump is going to ban bitching about the price of quality firearms


  8. James says:

    Does look a bit like a Bren 805. Another PIP SCAR…

  9. Bobby davro says:

    They improved the SA80 family then the AR15 and now they move onto the ACR/SCAR

  10. fritz bousigschouer says:

    to expensive anyways

  11. James says:

    Larry Vickers just posted some better pics on his Instagram.

  12. WGanz says:

    You stand a better chance of finding a KelTec 5.56 in stock than an H&K. Because, H&K is a German acronym for “You suck and they hate you.”

  13. Lcon says:

    Revenge of the XM8

  14. Jack Griffin says:

    Man, I miss my EOTech.

  15. Elvis says:

    Look! They’ve invented a G36 that won’t melt… or have a wandering zero!

  16. LH says:

    A german would write:
    “Was ist das denn Für ein neues Sturmgewehr von Heckler & Koch?”

  17. Strike-Hold says:

    I just came here to read the comments…

  18. zach says:

    I just came and shit my pants at the same time. How likely is it the Germans will adopt this and not the 416 or a cousin? How long have they been tested?

    • ejb3 says:

      Thanks, you just made my piss my pants that line was soo funny yet true. I own and am issued HKs, such a love/hate relationship….

  19. Helmut says:

    More likely to see the HK433 at ENFORCETAC by IWA…exhibit for LE & military, takes place 2 days before IWA startd..restricted access with LE/military ID..there HK shows there entire military weapons range…same for SIG SAUER…IWA is more sportsshooting stuff…

  20. PTMcCain says:

    Just keep in mind that HK is putting $30,000,000 into their Columbus, GA facility and will be adding staff, both Germans and Americans. It is not unthinkable that at that site they will be manufacturing civilian variants of the HK433 and the HK CSASS system. So maybe everyone should just calm down and be patient. I know, crazy thought.