SPARTANAT – Black Lion Gear Pipe Bag

Black Lion Gear is a German nylon goods manufacturer, and has created a tactical smoking pipe bag, which would make an excellent compliment to a camo smoking jacket, like this one. SPARTANAT’s translated and edited article on the bag can be read below:

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BLACK LION GEARs smoking pipe bag is made of 500D Cordura. To insure a high-level comfort for the content they use a lightweight nylon ripstop fabric. For the perfect fit of the required smoking utensils a 50mm wide rubber strap is implemented. The smoking pipe bag gets closed by Velcro. For your personal identification they attached an extra velcro surface to bring on your name tape.

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Size: 40cm x 20cm
Colors: Coyote Brown, Black, RAL 7013, Pencott Greenzone, Multicam (Further colors are available on request.)
Price: €40,00

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One Response to “SPARTANAT – Black Lion Gear Pipe Bag”

  1. Lt M says:

    Need this for my next deployment.
    Had a sustained mortar attack on our FOB one deployment – called in the Apaches, lit up my pipe and watched with contentment as they blasted Terry to hell.