Uncharted Supply Co – The Hideaway

The Hideaway from Uncharted Supply Co is a ripstop nylon windbreaker with a twist. It incorporates panels throughout the Jacket which are designed to accept dry insulation such as newspapers, leaves, etc.

People have been doing this very thing for years, but I’ve never seen anyone build a jacket designed specifically to accept natural insulation. It’s a simple idea, but I’d say that the Yellow color would be best kept for survival situations.


20 Responses to “Uncharted Supply Co – The Hideaway”

  1. d says:

    “People have been doing this very thing for years…”

    Yeah. Homeless people.

  2. jjj0309 says:

    For what purpose? I mean, even very small amount of cheap 210T polyester lining would do better job than a box of newspapers in any circumatances. I don’t understand purpose of this. Well maybe for adaptability without bulk I assume? Well then it’s cool feature for a packable windbreaker if that’s the point. Would be ideal layer for extreme minimalist ourdoorsmen.

  3. Desert Lizard says:

    I like seeing stuff like this. We don’t know all the different scenarios people undergo. There are probably some people that could use this.

  4. Phil says:

    any amount of down is smarter and only marginally heavier. the only reason to do this is low cost.

  5. Chalky says:

    A Patagonia Nano Puff jacket stuffs down into a tiny bag and you don’t look like a weirdo and sound like you’re smuggling corn flakes with a bunch of leaves stuffed in your jacket.

    Noise discipline is completely out the window with this bit of kit.

  6. Chuck says:

    Why not just shove stuff in your existing jacket if you need extra insulation instead of carrying a shell just for this occasion? If you remember to bring the shell that’s just designed to be stuffed, something tells me you should be remembering your more suitable jacket.

  7. Kris says:

    I can see uses for this in refugee or emergency situations but I’d like to know what market they’re marketing this to.

  8. cimg says:

    Is it water repellent? Would make sense as light rain gear that you could use, but have the option to add insulation if things ran unexpectedly

  9. Dellis says:

    Homeless people are actually great at survival skills. They have been filling their clothes up for years now with newspapers and cardboard.

    Handing these out to the homeless would be cool but personally why do I need a jacket shell that needs to be filled with stuff when so many companies make great lightweight packable insulated jackets?

    • SSD says:

      Because we are spoiled and own more than one jacket.

    • Stefan S. says:

      Visit downtown Seattle then see if you praise the homeless. Can’t walk down a sidewalk without seeing sed needles or piles of human waste.

      • Stefan S. says:

        typo; “used” instead of sed.

      • Dellis says:

        Umm, giving the homeless credit for survival in the harsh weather can be seen as “praise” sure but no where am I giving them praise for being homeless and pooping on your sidewalks.

        Also Seattle isn’t the only place homeless people can be found. My shop is 2 blocks from a bus station.

    • OkieRim says:

      “Some” homeless are great at surviving, others not so good. Wife (RN) has seen a metric ton over 20 years that lose bits & pieces to cold weather, infections/drug rot, violence, etc. But I get your intent…