GAOS – Check Out The Taurus SPECTRUM

Shaping the Future of Everyday Carry™

(Miami, FL) –Taurus USA is announcing their appearance at the 2017 Great American Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, PA currently taking place until February 12. The new SPECTRUM™that shook the industry with its first debut last month at SHOT Show will be displayed for consumers to see first hand. The new SPECTRUM leads the concealed carry market in both function and innovation with its comfortable grip, non-energized trigger and comfortable everyday carry.

The Great American Outdoors Show is a nine day show highlighting manufacturers from hunting and shooting to fishing boats and outfitters. Stop by booth #473 to see and feel the difference of the American made TAURUS SPECTRUM pistol.

Taurus USA engineers took a fresh look at how the gun interfaces with the user. The concealed carry customer is concerned about control, comfort and safety while shooting a micro 380 pistol. To address this challenge, Taurus USA collaborated with PolyOne Corporation – a global provider of specialized polymer materials, services, and solutions. Together they conducted a major ergonomic study to better understand the challenges of making a small pistol that fits various hand sizes. Drawing on PolyOne’s expertise, Taurus USA executed an enhanced grip design featuring unique contours that enable the hand to naturally conform to the firearm, providing a more secure grip.

Taurus USA also took an innovative approach in addressing the challenges of slide racking by replacing traditional slide serrations and redesigned the slide itself. Taurus USA developed a stylish design which allows the fingers to engage indentations on the slide, providing positive contact points for enhanced traction, minimizing short strokes while racking – enhancing safety. Additionally, the same concept of soft touch material that is used on the grip is also incorporated into the slide design to enhance traction. These elements, when combined, create a comfortable manipulation when chambering a round.

The SPECTRUM pistol has a safe, long and smooth 7-9 pound trigger that offers the crisp release common to a striker-fired system. Unique to Taurus, this true double-action only (DAO) trigger system features a non-energized striker, with no pre-cock or pre-load applied, ensuring no contact between the sear and striker. The wide, flat trigger aids in correct finger placement. For additional safety, the gun comes equipped with a striker block, providing peace of mind for everyday carry.

The full design of the gun has been taken into consideration, to the point of take down. It requires only one turn on the take down pin to disassemble the gun, separating the slide assembly from the frame. Keeping safety in mind, the trigger does not have to be pulled to disassemble the gun. Another feature providing greater versatility of the SPECTRUM pistol is the reversible magazine release for right or left handed shooters.

The SPECTRUM pistol features include:

Standard Color Offering: (MSRP: $289)

The SPECTRUM pistol is available in eight Standard Color offerings which include; a black, gray or white frame option, either black or gray overmold color option and with either a black or stainless slide color option.

House Colors Include: (MSRP: $305)

Three house colors are available in the following configurations:

1) Black frame, FDE overmold, Black slide
2) White frame, Cyan blue overmold, Stainless slide
3) Gray frame, Mint overmold, Black slide



22 Responses to “GAOS – Check Out The Taurus SPECTRUM”

  1. Maskirovka says:

    The look makes me think of the old Whitney Wolverine. Sorta.

  2. mike says:

    Oh it appears to be on the spectrum, alright…

  3. Gerard says:

    Taurus makes some decent products and this pistol looks good, its too bad it has an integral lock. That is and forever will be, a deal breaker. Let lawyers carry it…

  4. Dellis says:

    Ya ever had a bad experience with a brand and even though it was probably just a lemon it still makes ya gun shy about dropping money for that brand ever again?

    Well that would be Taurus for me.

  5. Chuck says:


  6. Geoff says:

    Color me unimpressed

  7. Gat says:

    What the shit is a “non-energized trigger”?

    • D.B. says:

      You know those times you feel low, halfhearted, “couldn’t be even bothered to pull a trigger” sort of situations…yeah, then.

    • Asinine Name says:

      One that’s already in its ‘safe space’.

  8. thebronze says:

    Will this one fire on its own, like some of Taurus’ other offerings?

  9. babola says:

    Until they come out with pink color spectrum, I’m not buying.

  10. Omie says:

    First time I saw this gun I thought South African brand Vaktor copy but yeah sure Taurus .To bad it was late I chose Ruger lcp 2 now maybe I will add later on my collection

  11. Mike says:

    Toorus y u do dis? Toorus pls

  12. P.T. McCain says:

    “shook the industry”


  13. Terry says:

    Is it wrong that I kinda like the white/blue combo?

  14. Chuck B says:

    I think this gun is very cool and I look forward to buying it for my wife to carry concealed. It seems to be greatly priced and I am excited to purchase.

  15. Blake says:

    I bet the trigger will be gritty, long, and zero wall to hit before a break, just like a lot of other DAO pocket .380s.