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Aimpoint’s Nano Sight Available As Component of B&T’s Universal Service Weapon

Last year we mentioned the upcoming Nano red-dot weapon sight from Aimpoint. We were hoping it would be released at SHOT Show but when we asked the crew manning the Aimpoint booth, they suggested we check out Brügger & Thomet, down in the basement. Sure enough, it was there but the weapon it was mounted to, hasn’t seemed to resonate with the American market. Perhaps it’s the folding stock on a pistol that has so many scratching their heads. But now, we’re at Enforce Tac, a European Security Show and the B&T USW has generated quite a bit of interest.


The USW is duty pistol size but intended to offer a more stable platform to police and security forces. It features a DA/SA trigger and ambi decocking lever. Additionally, the mag release can be configured left or right.


Interestingly, the Nano stays put on the bridge of the receiver and doesn’t reciprocate on the slide. They’ve also incorporate charging ears on the slide to help with racking the slide.

The Nano comes standard on the B&T USW, and so far, that’s the only way you’re going to get one. The UsW also comes equipped with a side folding stock, level 3 retention holster, 3 magazines (17, 19, and 30 round) single point sling, cleaning kit, transportation box and a B&T Advanced Pistol Light which is made by Inforce. In fact, the only option is for a suppressor.


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14 Responses to “Aimpoint’s Nano Sight Available As Component of B&T’s Universal Service Weapon”

  1. Bill says:


  2. Hubb says:

    I like this USW and their Veterinary Pistol too.

  3. The Dude says:

    A PDW-ified Sphinx pistol with an exclusive Aimpoint RDS…

    That’s actually really neat.

    Like most, though, I’ll be waiting for the Nano to go commercial.

  4. Cuvie says:

    Is B&T owned by the same company that owns Sphinx? Because I’m pretty sure that the pistol is based on a Sphinx 3000

    • honsch says:

      AFAIK B&T is owned by Haenel which is owned by Caracal International LLC/ UAE

      • tim nickler says:

        B&T is owned independently with no outstanding debt to any company.
        Sphinx filed for bankruptcy and B&T AG Switzerland purchased some of the bankruptcy assets of Sphinx to include the moulds for the lower of their pistols.
        We have NOTHING to do with CARACAL and certainly not owned by them nor anyone else for that matter. Karl Brugger is the sole owner of 100 percent of the shares of B&T AG.

  5. snmp says:

    B&T USW look like base on CZ75 (Striker or inside hammer)

  6. Stu says:

    I wouldn’t mind it, but I would really want the Micro version that was in AA or AAA. Can’t remember but it was on here, and I never heard mention from anyone else since.

  7. Burned says:

    Make a Nano that can quick attach / detach to a rear iron sight.

    Something like this:

    The Nano that is on the B&T USW, is not necessarily the Nano that will be released to the US market, so make your feature wants known now.

  8. mark says:

    The USW was one of the coolest designs at SHOT this year, and is a truly practical PDW. At 10″ folded, it’s not much bigger in footprint then a 4″ GP100 .357 (9.5″ OAL) but with the stock deployed, offers a huge increase in potential accuracy/ range for dealing with an active shooter.

    Really hope they become available in the US.

  9. Ranger Rick says:

    I also was very impressed with it at SHOT.