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Ruger Muzzle-BrakeTM Knife by CRKT

The Muzzle-Brake has elements from a traditional bowie design but is developed with the construction techniques of today. With its stout full tang blade it can be used as a chopper in camp or fashioning a quick shelter in the forest if needed. Its clip point blade shape, featuring a blood groove, is perfect for making quick work of butchering an animal after a successful hunt. The handle is glass filled nylon construction that wraps around a thick blade tang. The sure grip surface matches the Ruger American Rifle® series texture with Ruger® eagles embossed into both sides of the grip.

The Muzzle-Brake is part of the exclusive Ruger® knife line; the line includes designs for everyday carry, hunting, and self-preparedness. The knives are crafted in varying sizes and finishes, with an assortment of blade edges. Developed by six master knife-smiths who combined their knowledge of the art with aesthetic details from Ruger® products, the line offers unique knives with the important features that every good knife should have. These knives are purpose built to be durable and highly functional in the environments where Ruger customers will expect them to perform.


Ruger® Muzzle-Brake
Model Available:

Ruger® Muzzle-Brake (R2501) – $99.99

For more information on the Muzzle-BrakeTM or the entire Ruger® product line go to

Founded in 1994, CRKT® is the industry’s premier brand of knives, tools, and lifestyle accessories, with a reputation for
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5 Responses to “Ruger Muzzle-BrakeTM Knife by CRKT”

  1. Ranger Rick says:

    Where’s it made?

  2. Gerard says:

    If the street price of it is 80 bucks I’ll buy one. My favorate general use knife is the Cold Steel SRK.

  3. Eric says:

    Both great companies but the name (muzzle-brake knife) seems like an odd choice; mainly because I don’t think of muzzle breaks when you say “Ruger”. I don’t even think they make a break. Otherwise I’m sure it’s a fine knife.

    • Sxm235 says:

      Oh come on, give ’em a break for trying to expand their market presence ???