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Super Vel Ammunition Returns

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Renowned for its invention of the jacketed hollow point bullet that revolutionized police ammunition in the 1960s, the Super Vel Cartridge Company® is back in business producing high-velocity handgun ammunition.

“Super Vel founder Lee Jurras was a true visionary. He invented the jacketed hollow point, hosted the first handgun metallic silhouette match and founded the Outstanding American Handgunner Foundation. We’re privileged and honored to have earned Lee’s blessing to resurrect Super Vel,” said Cameron Hopkins, president of the new Super Vel Cartridge Company.

Just like the original company founded in 1963, the new Super Vel specializes in high-performance handgun ammunition using jacketed hollow point bullets at high velocity. Today’s jacketed hollow points have progressed considerably since Jurras’ original designs. Today’s Super Vel hollow points feature skiving cuts (to facilitate reliable expansion), tapered copper jackets and better hollow cavity designs.

38 Super Snub

“Super Vel pioneered the use of lightweight hollow point bullets at extremely high velocity to minimize over-penetration and maximize stopping power. Today’s Super Vel carries that to the next level,” Hopkins said.
The new Super Vel Ammunition line includes specialized loads for niche applications. “Super Snub” is a .38 Special +P load designed specifically for Smith & Wesson J-frames and other snubnose revolvers with a low-flash powder that burns extremely efficiently in barrels as short as 1 7/8-inches. Firing a 90 gr. jacketed hollow point at over 1,300 feet per second from a J-frame, “Super Snub” is the only purpose-driven load on the market made specifically for snubbies.

Hush Puppy® harkens back to a special load that Jurras developed for the Navy SEALs in 1967 for use in the Mk 22 Mod 0 pistol, a highly customized S&W Model 39 that was issued with a wipe-style suppressor and came to be nick-named “hush puppy” for its covert role. Shooting a full metal jacket bullet at subsonic velocity, Super Vel’s new Hush Puppy® load drives a 147 gr. FMJ projectile at 900 feet per second. It’s dead quiet from a suppressed 9mm and also makes for a soft-shooting, low-recoil training round or a 3-gun competition round.

Subcompact 9mm pistols rise to a whole new performance level with Super Vel’s new 90 gr. jacketed hollow point in a +P load. From a Glock 43 (3-inch barrel), Super Vel’s 90 gr. JHP delivers 1,475 feet per second! That’s sizzling for a subcompact! The load produces over 1,650 feet per second from a Glock 17L.

45 ACP

Delivering 1,350 feet per second, Super Vel’s 115 gr. JHP in another +P 9mm Luger load is ideal for compact and full-size 9mm pistols. Rounding out the Super Vel lineup is a +P load in .45 ACP featuring a 185 gr. JHP at over 1,150 feet per second.

J.D. Jones, a legendary ballistics experimenter and one of the original pioneers of Super Vel in the 1960s, is a consultant for the new Super Vel Cartridge Company.

Super Vel Cartridge Company is located in Nevada, proudly employing a 100 percent American workforce.


3 Responses to “Super Vel Ammunition Returns”

  1. Gerard says:

    Small ammo companies have a tough job competing with the major players. Very few last a decade

  2. mark says:

    The 90gr @ 1300 ft/s 338ftlbs J-Frame load sounds promising, depending on what projectile they use. If it’s the XTP or similar, should get good penetration without over-expansion.

  3. Cameron has been successful with numerous ventures in the firearms industry over the decades. I look forward to seeing what he does with Super Vel!