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MATBOCK Ghost TABS Explained

MATBOCK Ghost TABS work, and to prove it, they made this video.

MATBOCK pouches light and one of the reasons is the Ghost TABS, which provide a simple way to attach pouches to your carrier, without sacrificing durability.

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6 Responses to “MATBOCK Ghost TABS Explained”

  1. Warren says:


    Can we get some strength tests or demos before you demand our money? Your system does not look convincing, neither does the craftsmanship.

    • MATBOCK_CEO says:

      If you do not like it after you buy and try, we will happily refund you the product cost and any shipping.

  2. Ben says:

    What keeps the pouches from just being lifted up and out of the MOLLE?

    • Chuck says:

      The small vertical tab gets tucked back under the PALS webbing (or equivalent) and locks the pouch in place

  3. Chuck says:

    They work and they work VERY well. I’ve been using their mag pouches now for awhile and they have been dragged, tugged, grabbed. They stay put and are VERY lightweight. Just make sure you specify what you are mounting it to as the tabs are slightly different in size if you are mounting to traditional MOLLE or laser cut MOLLE. I only know this from talking to them when they contacted me.

    Oh, and as far as I can tell, no one demanded your money.