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Wilson Combat – EDC X9


The EDC X9 is the latest pistol from Wilson Combat, a double stack 1911-pattern 9mm pistol designed principally as a carry pistol. Sized similar to a G19, the EDC X9 features an aluminum X-Frame, an X-TAC frontstrap/mainspring housing treatment, and various Wilson Combat Bullet Proof components: the hammer, mag release, and thumb safety. The 4″ barrel and the chamber are both fluted, and the EDC X9 is designed as match grade; it comes with an accuracy guarantee of 1.5″ at 25 yards. Also like a G19, the EDC X9 features a 15+1 capacity.

Additional features include:

  • Black G10 grips
  • Elevation adjustable Tactical Battlesight
  • Fiber Optic front sight
  • 3.5 – 4.5 lbs trigger w/ medium length pad

    Check out the video below to see Gunfighter Moment-contributor Larry Vickers’ impressions of the EDC X9.


  • 30 Responses to “Wilson Combat – EDC X9”

    1. Darkhorse says:

      Nice looking pistol!

    2. James Francis says:

      Pretty good on paper specs, I’m just afraid to look at the price tag.

      On that note, I wish more pistol manufacturers would realize the compact Glock 19 size is a damn near perfect compromise in size and easy concealment. **cough.. H&K**

    3. jbgleason says:

      Not bitching about the price but for that cash at least fit an ambi safety. Damn.

    4. Marcus says:

      I understand the premise, but one day they are gonna make these in 10 rounders for people in places like New Yorkistan.

      • Stefan S. says:

        Then you’d better relocate. I did and it feels great. Though I do miss NY state.

        • BillC says:

          I can empathize the plight of people living behind the border, but if everybody flees, they win.

    5. Kevin says:

      Did Michael Bay make that video?

    6. Warren says:

      Too expensive and the paid celebrity endorsement doesn’t work. I’ll stick with my carry G19 that cost 90% less

      • Warren – seeing as how they have sold 300 in the first 2 days I doubt they care if you buy one or not – and I can promise you I don’t care if you ever watch one of my videos again. How about that hero?

        • Callmespot says:

          Larry, You looked better with the beard!!!

        • Kevin says:

          Wow…. that’s professional.

        • Gerg says:

          Well said Larry. Great gun and I was one of the 200. I hope Warren is driving home in his 1987 Toyota Tercel to his one bedroom house or heis nothing but a hypocrite. God forbid someone would buy something nice, just because it is nice.

      • Where can one buy a Glock 19 for $289.50?

        Does that mythical Glock have the same trigger performance, adjustable sights & accuracy as this gun?

        It’s a bit pricey. I’m sure one gets what one pays for but the “Glock uber alles” gets old.

      • BillC says:

        I can understand the sentiment of the law of diminishing returns, for most of us, there won’t be value in a $3,000 carry pistol. However, some people do find value and can afford this. Just because you can’t afford Xenon lights, doesn’t mean your halogens are better. As for Larry Vicker’s video, watch or don’t. It probably won’t make an impact on your desire for the pistol or not.

      • MnP says:

        I’d say that with almost $870,000 in sales, in the first two days, that paying LAV paid off. I bet they’ve hit $1.5 million in sales by now. If the paid celeb endorsement is a great like LAV, Hackathorn, or Hailey, I think it works!

        Would love to own one of these!

    7. Chad says:

      G19 – $596, 4 cases of ammo – $876, Surefire XC1 and batteries – $295, Incog w/caddy – $130, Haley 13 sights – $110, Vickers 2 day Adv Pistol Course – $575, Travel money – $300.

      Still less than the Wilson…

    8. SamHill says:

      Great looking pistol.

    9. Captain Merica says:

      Shhh. Men are talking.

      This is a premium brand that has never even remotely attempted to compete on price and you’re here in the comments throwing a tantrum. If you can’t be a big boy about it you should probably sit this one out.

      • Stefan S. says:

        It’s all relative bro. You can have a 3k pistol and still get capped by a gang-banger and his hot kel-tec. Just sayin.

        • Captain Merica says:

          You could have a $300,000 Rolls Royce and get killed by a teenager in a Honda. You could live in a $100M mansion and die in a house fire. You could work in the ER at a hospital and die of a heart attack. You could appendix carry and die after shooting your dick off. You could be Larry Vickers, slip and fall on your $3k pistol, rupture a kidney and die of internal bleeding. (Sorry LAV!)

          You could be the SON OF GOD and die of crucifixion. So what?

          I’m not advocating carrying (or even buying) a $3k pistol. I am suggesting an adjustment of expectations – the only doublestack 1911s previously on the market are junk, or “not reliable enough to carry” race guns. If you seriously thought this WASN’T going to cost $3k, I want to know big of a rock have you been living under and if you plan on moving out.

      • Rob says:

        Captain said it best, this isn’t a cast frame Ruger, if you’re looking for budget based guns, look elsewhere….This company is in a very small category and their guns are about the best. You put money aside for top tier guns like Wilson because they don’t fail.

        • Chris says:

          Actually, Wilson and LAV made the G19 size comparison, not Glock, so people are only addressing what WC and LAV said first. And…Saying that Wilson’s don’t fail is absolutely the overstatement of the century. I saw a $3000 stainless WC Supergrade shear off the luh and swinging link under the barrel, putting the “unfailable” Wilson completely out of action. If we’re going to have these discussions, let us at least be fair and realistic.

    10. Ron says:

      Just told the bride what I’d like for a surprise 60th bday present. I’ll take the rail version

    11. Eric jaffe says:

      I love my stock g19, I also love my agency g19, I have no doubt I will love this Wilson. I guess I just love Guns. 🙂 Larry on the other hand. Not so much. Just kidding lighten up. Took a 1911 class with Larry a year ago with a wilson and had an absolutely great 2 days. Let’s stop trolling and simply enjoy the sport.

    12. T Gray says:

      This pistol is very interesting to me. If you have every owned a full custom 1911, you understand how they are pieces of art. Wilson has a great reputation, but It is clearly pricey.

      Not sure why so much disdain for Mr Vickers. Never met him, but has he ever endorsed a turd? Don’t think so. You may not like the products he endorses or the motivations behind it, but that’s not a reason to disparage the man. He is an accomplished gunsmith and ardent advocate for our sport/rights. Not to mention he can kinda shoot. Kinda.