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Piteraq – Kraken Waterproof Expedition Bag

Piteraq is a Norwegian brand of waterproof bags I encountered at IWA.


The Kraken is their expeditionary bag, complete with padded shoulder straps for hauling. It’s available in two sizes; 100 and 140 liter and is constructed of 840D double TPU coated nylon fabric with welded construction. The waterproof zipper is a TIZIP Masterseal 10 with a 500mb hydrostatic head and can be locked. In addition to an air relief valve, there are compression straps and end corner carry handles which are quite handy.


The Kraken is offered in a variety of colors including the Crocodile seen here, as well as Black, Slate/Dark Slate, Flame/Blazer, and Blazer/Flame.



7 Responses to “Piteraq – Kraken Waterproof Expedition Bag”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Looks good.

  2. PTMcCain says:

    Has anyone yet said, “Unleash the Kraken?”

  3. Judah says:

    “Unleash the contents of the Kraken!”

  4. patrick sweeney says:

    “The Kraken saved my camera gear. Goooood Kraken. Kraken want a cookie?”

  5. Rob Collins says:

    Looks good. For traveling in a sled. 140L on my back without a waist belt or frame looks like Yertle the Turtle. Especially throwing in water, ice, grades, elevation, etc…..

  6. Jeremy says:

    Is there a U.S. dealer?

  7. Max says:

    No dealer as far as I know in the US. Tried to get their bags for years, had to order it from Norway.