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KDG – Apparition Pack


The market is full of concealment type bags for long guns, subguns and pistol caliber pistols, but nearly all of them fall drastically short in their capabilities. The largest flaw of all, is that most of these packs look like firearms cases! The KDG Apparition Pack takes a completely different approach. instead of subdued colors, Velcro panels and MOLLE webbing that practically screams out the contents of the bag, the KDG Apparition mirrors the colors, style and features of popular hiking bags found at your local outdoor store. Designed from the ground up to have the quick access and storage capacity for a full load out of life saving equipment and armament, the Apparition looks common enough to belong on the trail, campus, mall or subway.


The KDG Apparition Pack is loaded full of pouches, pockets and compartments so you can stow the essential gear you need to stay alive. There is organized space for all of your equipment to have its own place, so you can quickly locate it when seconds matter!

-Normal Length: 27″ Extended Length: 33″
-Subtle two tone Black and red nylon construction
-Approximately 1200 cubic inch total storage capacity

1) Twin water bottle pockets on both sides of bag
2) Matching cinch straps for trekking poles, tripods, etc.
3) Two small zippered compartments for a cell phone, wallet, first aid kit, compact pistol or like items.
4) Stowable, solid black rainfly for sudden downpours/full concealment
5) Pleated coffin shaped front pocket with a vertical zipper: ideal for items you would need readily available such as a tablet, book, passport, etc.
6) Mid-sized pocket with full length zippers lined with loop to allow easy customization with various hook backed pouches or holsters.
7) The main compartment features plenty of room for your carbine, Subgun, AR/AK pistol or SBR, with a full field of loop for securing straps/pouches
8) The Apparition Pack also features an extension compartment on the bottom of the pack, you can increase the length of the main compartment to allow for stowing a full size SCAR or suppressor equipped SBR into the bag while maintaining concealment
9) Both the waist belt and pack straps are padded. The pack straps feature load lifters and are adjustable for the majority of torso lengths. The removable waist belt features additional storage pockets ideal for snacks, spare mags, etc.


Learn more about the Apparition Pack and other Kinetic Development Group Products at kineticdg.com, Or if you are attending the 2017 USASOC Sniper Competition, stop by their booth at the vendor tent on Range 37 on March 23-24, 2017.


19 Responses to “KDG – Apparition Pack”

  1. Captain Merica says:

    Correction: most of them look a lot like this bag. The greatest flaw is none of these bags pull double duty as a normal backpack. They won’t hold an SBR and a laptop/paperwork/clean undies in a manner that would allow you to use the bag as a normal backpack in civilian situations without revealing your little friend.

    That’s a problem no one is addressing, and iwhy sales are mostly confined to operators operating operationally (who never poop their pants, obviously).

    • PNWTO says:

      Do you have an existing need to conceal a SBR with your MacBook and Excel prints?

      • Mike says:

        What’s your resume look like again?

        • Captain Merica says:

          My resume isn’t worth the pixels on your screen, but my comments are derived from people with resumes that would probably qualify an “existing need”. Are they or I foolish for requesting these features? I genuinely have no idea (see above) so I sincerely welcome the opinions of those with qualifying resumes.

      • Captain Merica says:

        I mean…that would be a lot more useful than just an SBR to me, but I’m just a shmuck with skidmarked undies and a backpack fetish.

    • Buckaroomedic says:

      I agree with you, Captain.

  2. redbeard says:

    There is a company addressing it, several perhaps, but you won’t see them advertising it.

  3. Lt M says:

    Isn’t this the Grey Ghost Gear Apparition in a different colour way?

    • Jeff S says:

      Gotta love the one comment…

      Reviewer: Dorian Jumper from Pembroke Pines, FL United States
      I was able to use the pack for about a week and a half. It’s pretty great for first impressions. I carried a couple AR-Pistol uppers around and the pack did its job. Comfortable and low-pro. I even used it in Vegas as a day pack, had all my shooting gear, no guns or bullets. Just $3,800 dollars and gear. Unfortunately someone stole the pack and it is gone. But I really enjoyed it. And am going to get another one, its just that good. 10/10.

  4. CWG says:

    Looks nearly identical to the eberlestock cherry bomb/secret weapon packs. I tried and returned both, like an above posted mentioned they really aren’t suited to carry anything but the gun.


  5. will sew 4 kit says:

    10 guys walk through an airport, 30 something, fit, clean cut. with matching packs like these. what does it scream? Operators.
    10 guys walk through an airport, fit, clean cut, with matching large duffel bags with Adidas, or Head, or some sports equipment name, what does it scream? Sports team.
    Someone in industry needs to design a removable insert for tennis racquet bags, or other similar duffel bags which will allow quick access and support a weapon system and kit. That is how you hide in plain sight.

  6. cy says:

    Looks perfect for a skateboard.

  7. Will sew 4 kit says:

    I found the historical precedent for this concept:
    1981 Seychelles islands: Mad Mike Hoare and 43 mercenaries were disguised as tourists: rugby players and members of a beer-drinking group called the Ancient Order of Frothblowers. They arrived at Mahé airport, carrying their own weapons. The coup was detected when a customs officer spotted an AK-47 in the golf bag-luggage of one of Mike Hoares mercenaries.

    Second note: why is there no T shirt for the AOF.