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RAMPART – Conducted Energy Weapon Testing Chamber

The Rampart CEW testing chamber is a laboratory tested and certified device that is designed to dramatically improve workplace safety when handling Conducted Energy Weapons.

-A safe way to prevent serious injuries when performing function tests or scheduled downloads
-Safely contains probes during accidental discharge
-Laboratory tested & certified – NON conductive
-CEW decibel output decreased by over 50%
-Made in Canada – Patent Pending
-Currently in use with Canadian Law Enforcement Services


9 Responses to “RAMPART – Conducted Energy Weapon Testing Chamber”

  1. jbgleason says:

    Let me get this straight. It’s a metal box with a piece of Lexan on the front that you stick a Taser into? Going to be surprised if they sell a lot of these.

    • Wslick says:

      What do you think an unloading chamber is for a firearm? A metal box with a hole in it ? Pretty much! I see a lot of those.

  2. Kit Badger says:

    Seems like a waste of money. That kind of thing usually happened for free… …in someone’s locker… …in the locker room… …before shift… …on accident.

  3. Sir Fail says:

    What!… No! You just took away the feeling of danger and excitement of doing or standing next to someone doing a spark test. I need that feeling.

  4. Whiskey says:

    I’ve had to have that embarrassing talk with the supervisor right before trying to sweep up all the little id tags. Fortunately for me, but not one of my colleagues, I had my X36 pointed in a safe direction, so I didn’t put out the computer monitor.

    Stuff happens. It only happened once for me, and that was enough to learn. But I could see big departments getting something like this.

  5. Nate says:

    Locker room Pop!

  6. Unsung says:

    Everyone knows the appropriate way to spark test your electric banana gun is towards your buddy’s groin when they least expect it.

  7. Oopsidaisy says:

    Any information on how to order these or what they cost?