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Swampbutt Underwear – That’s Seriously What They’re Called

Swampbutt Underwear were designed specifically to avoid the affliction they’re named after. Their 91% polyester and 9% spandex construction are a great alternative to cotton drawers which hold the sweat. You’ll also note that the seams are away from the body.


Swampbutt offers t-shirts, performance briefs and traditional briefs. Additionally, they offer several colors including the Brown seen here.



11 Responses to “Swampbutt Underwear – That’s Seriously What They’re Called”

  1. will sew for kit says:

    Wait, I thought it was “Swamp ass”, or “Monkey Butt”?
    did they combine the two ?

  2. Hello Soldier Systems. Thank you for informing your readers about SwampButt Underwear (www.swampbutt,com). We have a funny name and a good sense of humor but we are quite serious about selling quality garments. We guarantee that our customers will be 100% satisfied with their purchase or we will replace or refund their money. Thank you again.

    • Jeremy says:

      Hi swampbutt! What’s your inseam length? I’ve found that anything less than 6″ rides right up my legs and becomes quite uncomfortable.

      • Rufus says:

        The performance underwear, shown here, goes to mid-thigh on all sizes. They fit snug though. I’m a pretty big dude and have not had them ride up.

      • Chris says:

        I am wondering that as well. Ive had to go super long and wear compression shorts. I looked at the website but didn’t see anything.

  3. Ab5olut3zero says:

    Are these flash/flame resistant?

  4. Mark E. Drinkwater says:

    In ’03, under armour allowed my unit deploying to swamp butt inducing climate to quickly make a bulk purchase of boxer briefs that worked great. How is this product different?

    • Rufus says:

      I don’t know anything about the other underwear you mentioned, but here is what I know about ours. SwampButt Underwear’s Performance Boxers are perfect for the guy who has sweat issues south of the beltline or just likes to be comfortable. These incredible drawers were created to draw sweat away from the skin and are made with 91% polyester and 9% spandex. Men’s SwampButt Underwear offers:

      Great form fit with natural coverage

      Wicks away moisture for improved wearability

      Extends to mid-thigh

      Signature logo on waistband

      Machine wash and dry

  5. Greg says:

    I was kind of hoping their sense of humor extended to their colors. Turns out the color is just brown, no “Skidmark brown” or anything like that. The price isn’t bad.