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DoubleStar Debuts the Oops! Replacement Kit


The Oops! Replacement Kit is designed with every AR15 owner in mind.

Winchester, Ky. (March 2017) – DoubleStar Corp, manufacturers of high-quality, US-made AR components, rifles and pistols, debuts the Oops! Replacement Kit. This popular repair kit includes the most commonly lost or worn springs and detents in the AR15 platform and is a vital component of every AR15 owner’s tool kit.

The Oops! Replacement Kit includes:

  • Four takedown detent springs
  • Four takedown detents
  • Two buffer detent springs
  • Two buffer detents
  • Two firing pin retaining pins
  • Two extractor springs with bumper pads
  • Two selector springs / ejector springs
  • Two selector detentsMSRP of the Oops! Replacement Kit is $15.99. For more information on the Oops! Replacement Kit, visit https://star15.com.
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    12 Responses to “DoubleStar Debuts the Oops! Replacement Kit”

    1. Kit Badger says:

      So much heartache can be avoided with this. All of those are showstoppers when they accidentally fly off into another dimension…

    2. SG says:


      I mean, I don’t need it. It’s for a friend of mine…

    3. Gerard says:

      Damn right I never loose anything but what a great present for those who do

    4. Hugh says:

      Doing God’s work. Now if they’d only make one for CZ’s…

    5. Captain Merica says:

      Pro tip: Do as much assembly as possible inside a big ziploc freezer bag.

      And buy this kit anyway, because Murphy will be particularly furious with your newfound small parts retention and recovery device.

    6. PTMcCain says:

      I won’t mention names, but for a while a person I know was managing to eject spring loaded bits and pieces of his firearm into his backyard while he was cleaning them that a major firearm manufacturer’s customer service department told me, er, I mean, “him” that they were considering making my backyard a back-up parts depot.