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Introducing an American-Made Web Belt with a Lifetime Warranty: The Trayvax Cinch

Bellingham, WA — Trayvax, a US-based manufacturer of slim wallets and outdoor gear, is pleased to announce the addition of its newest product, the Cinch web belt. Built with heavy-duty MIL-SPEC nylon webbing that is completely sourced in the USA and an aerospace-grade aluminum buckle with an anodized finish (also sourced in the USA), the Cinch is built tough and backed by a lifetime warranty.

“The Cinch stays true to the rugged and minimalistic designs we’re known for,” said Gerald Craft, marketing and communications manager. “It’s built tough with a tensile strength of 2000 pounds, but features a light brush-grain pattern which gives it a smooth and attractive appearance.”

The Cinch utilizes a unique buckle design that uses friction for instant tensioning and a double tension point for hassle-free locking. In addition, the buckle has been contoured to fit comfortably against the body. Like most web belts, the Cinch features infinite sliding adjustment and does not require the need for adding holes.

The Trayvax Cinch web belt is now available for purchase. For more information, please visit www.trayvax.com/collections/accessories/products/trayvax-cinch.


2 Responses to “Introducing an American-Made Web Belt with a Lifetime Warranty: The Trayvax Cinch”

  1. Major_Northeast_City says:

    Just purchased a black one after reading your post and viewing two vid reviews on Y.T.
    I’ve had it with my riggers belts and all that Velcro that eventually stops working.

    Thank you for posting the Trayvax Cinch belt info.

    • Major_Northeast_City says:

      After purchasing the belt on the Trayvax web site on April 5th, today is April 18th, I unfortunately have not received it.

      After several emails and two un-returned phone calls, I’ve come to find out that not only were the belts “not in stock” but were “not made” at time of purchase, neither of which stated on the web site, nor was there any “pre-order'” stated.
      I was told last week “we are waiting for the buckles to come back from the maker” and and additionally “We are a lean company that does not keep stock of product.”

      I never purchase anything online unless items are literally available for sale, had it been disclosed the belt was not only not in stock, that they were waiting for them to be made at the time of purchase I would not have remitted payment.

      Good thing I paid via PayPal.