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LaRue Tactical – Limited-Edition FDE 7.62 Heavy-Barreled PredatAR Rifle

Recently several readers have brought up LaRue Tactical’s recent 1st place showing at the USASOC Sniper Comp. They recently announced a second release of their Limited-Edition FDE 7.62 Heavy-Barreled PredatAR Rifle on Facebook. Below is their post, and yes, it looks like owner Mark LaRue is keeping number 500 all to himself.

By popular demand, we’ve made the 2nd release of last year’s Limited-Edition 7.62 “Heavy-Barreled” PredatAR, in FDE.

The first 125 units (match-numbered on the upper and lower) sold at high noon on New Year’s Day 2016 in 4 minutes flat.

For those of you who know the “Costa Edition” 5.56 Rifle, this 7.62 offering closely follows the same configuration. It beautifully combines the popular and lightweight PredatAR chassis with our 16″ heavy LaRue Barrel. If you have a Costa and want a matching serial number, let us know … we are trying to accommodate.

Each Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, and Handguard is finished in FDE.
Selected black components and black GAP rail covers provide dramatic contrast.

The 2nd release comprises Serial numbers 126 – 499.

Please pardon my reach, but the 500th one is mine.

This will go hot at high noon Central Time Wednesday April 12th. Go take a look now, kick the tires, even if you are not interested, as that will leave bandwidth for those that are to crowd in and make their buy on Wednesday.

If you are wondering about LaRue accuracy, the 1st place finishers at the USASOC 2017 Military Sniper Competition won 2 weeks ago with a pair of LaRue rifles. That makes two years in a row LaRue rifles took 1st Place.


For those ordering a rifle, there will be a follow-on post-sale offering of great accessories, at great prices.


3 Responses to “LaRue Tactical – Limited-Edition FDE 7.62 Heavy-Barreled PredatAR Rifle”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Man that is sharp.

  2. Leon Vickers says:

    Any reviews on the LaRue made barrels?

    • J Rod says:

      My FDE Edition .308 came with a .110 of an inch test target. I have had 14 LaRue rifles from very early on in the LaRue days. This is by far the most accurate and it’s with their own barrel. I have been able to replicate the crazy one hole groups with this rifle at 100 and way way sub MOA results to 1250 which is the limit of my range I go to. It’s certainly an amazing weapon. I have a few 5.56 weapons from them as well and they are just jaw droppingly accurate too. I routinely shoot them to 1k and sometimes I even venture further than that with MK262 MOD1 ammo. It makes me happy every time