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Marine South – Sneak Peek High Speed Gear’s Laser Slotted Belt

Here’s a sneak peek of High Speed Gear’s upcoming Laser Slotted Belt, featuring laser cut PALS slots along each articulated section of padded belt. It accepts an inner belt which can be woven over, or under, the articulated sections.

The rear section is slightly higher than the rest of the belt to support the lower back.


3 Responses to “Marine South – Sneak Peek High Speed Gear’s Laser Slotted Belt”

  1. Outside is looking pretty good. Definitely need to see how they’ve laid out the inside though.

  2. Casey says:

    Still don’t understand HSGI’s use of two MOLLE rows stacked right on top of each other. That precludes proper weaving of attachment straps. Seems like using thinner webbing offset to MOLLE spec would occupy the same space yet provide for much more secure attachment, like the Velocity Systems OUB or the Ronin belts.

    • Kev says:

      It works ok with their in house pouches. Their clips are wider at the attachment point so they can’t be pulled back thru the webbing like say a malice clip. Still not as tight of a fit as anything mounted as molle was designed and definitely sucks without modification to off brand pouches.