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Mil-Spec Monkey Presents: “Magpul M-LOK Tutorial – Basics and First Time Setup”

Mil-Spec Monkey created this how-to video for first-time M-Lok users.


3 Responses to “Mil-Spec Monkey Presents: “Magpul M-LOK Tutorial – Basics and First Time Setup””

  1. Mark says:

    This is a great video, and mirrors my experience.

    The only difficulties that I have ever experienced, while installing M-Lok parts, have always been attributed to that stupid solidified thread locking compound that Magpul puts on all of their hardware.

    All aftermarket M-Lok parts that I have used, where I have added my own liquid thread locking compound, have installed effortlessly.

  2. Captain 'Merica says:

    Yep, the factory thread locker is a real PITA. What MSM didn’t detail is that unfortunately even after you’ve preset your lugs with a wrench, the threadlocker is so stiff relative to the strength of the polymer handguard that it is very easy for the cam to strip out the MLOK slot on Magpul handguards when tightening to final torque. You can avoid this by holding the T-nut with a wrench throughout the process, but the handguard has to be removed for that.

    I thought I avoided this issue by choosing Keymod, but ultimately avoided it by running zero accessories on my handguard because I don’t even operate.


  3. Grady says:

    Montgomery is Spot On with the block of instruction. Well done.