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Warrior West – FLEX9 Armor with New Fabric Technology from Protect The Force

You may be familiar with FLEX9 Armor from Protect The Force as it’s a commercially available variant of the US Army’s new Ballistic Combat Shirt. Designed in conjunction with PTF, it offers ancillary ballistic protection in areas not normally covered by an Armor Vest. This patented design relies in 10 individual ballistic components which are ergonomically shaped and inserted into compartments sewn into the shirt. The Deltoid protection is particularly interesting. Either side is comprised of three each, lobster tail articulating panels. They move and articulate with the user making it preferable to the traditional deltoid armor appliqué.

They’ve just introduced a new fabric option which offers stab and slash protection. Originally developed to protect divers from shark bites, the Soteria material is also no melt, no drip. This combination makes it a great choice for riot control as well as corrections officers.


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