Warrior West – Rocksmith Precision

Rocksmith Precision is making quite a name for themselves in building specialized tools for the EOD community. However, at Warrior West I saw their Rocksmith 30:1 cutter and thought of several other uses for this amazing hand powered cutting tool such as breaching and technical survelliance applications. In a show filled with awesome kit, this is the coolest product I saw at the show.

That 30:1 in the name means exactly what it implies, offering a 30:1 mechanical advantage thanks to the design which allows the user to configure the handle in one of two ways (seen below). I used it to snip a chainlink like it was butter and I also used it to open up 14 gage material used in CONEXs. All of that with my hand. Plus, it will go right through welds, unlike power tools. Additionally, you can begin your cut with a simple 1/4″ entry hole. Currently, they offer two styles of swappable blades. One is for chainlink and the other is for sheetmetal.

If all of that wasn’t enough, it is 7″ long and weighs less than half a pound. That’s the kind of a tool you don’t want to leave behind.


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One Response to “Warrior West – Rocksmith Precision”

  1. straps says:

    A community that adapts as fast as EOD is the criminal element. It will take a while for these to be recognized by street LE as a “burglary tool,” and longer still for DAs, then judges to agree.

    The first actual 18V L-Ion Angle Grinder I saw in person was in the hands of a tweaker cutting down a U-lock.

    That said, I want one…